Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns

Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns

While holidaying in Zanzibar we mastered these amazing Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns. We have to live off the local produce. Fish and seafood are to be found in abundance; yams (sweet potatoes), bananas, and mangoes are also plentiful. While there, we have to keep our meals as simple as possible. This delicious, easy, quick way of cooking prawns has become a family favourite.
Serves 2

Ingredients Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns:

– 500 – 600 g tiger prawns (or large prawns), in the shell
– ½ a bottle of medium or hot piri-piri sauce of your choice
– Juice and rind of two lemons
– 4 garlic cloves, peeled and cut into slivers
– Sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper
– 1 lemon, cut into wedges for serving

Method Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns:

1. Place the cleaned prawns into a glass dish. Pour over the selected piri-piri sauce, juice and rind of two lemons, and garlic cloves. Toss the prawns gently in the marinade mixture. Marinate for an hour, or longer if preferred.
2. Preheat the oven to 200ºC/180ºC fan/Gas mark 5.
3. Place prawns and marinade into a roasting dish. Cook for about 10 – 12 minutes until they turn pink. Stir from time to time while cooking.
4. Sprinkle over sea salt and black pepper.
5. Serve immediately with rice, or thickly-cut sweet-potato chips and a side dish of good quality mayonnaise with a little chopped chilli, lemon juice and fresh coriander. Makes a great dip for the delicious prawns.
6. Serve lemon wedges and a finger bowl alongside.

Tips Zanzibar Oven-Roasted Prawns:

• The prawns may also be cooked in the roasting dish; in a kettle braai; or over the coals. Do stir from time to time to disperse the marinade. Watch for the cooking point, when prawns will turn pink.
• If cooking in the kettle braai, use a disposable foil container: this makes cleaning up a breeze!

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