Saluting our Appliance Hero’s


Getting on with one’s appliance – whether it be a washing machine, tumble drier dishwasher, fridge or oven – has been an important part of life in lockdown over the last two months. Homesteaders around the world must have built a strong appreciation for these trusty home help mates during their time in lockdown.  But what happens when one of them packs in?  It’s a freezing cold day and you pop the clothes in the tumble drier – and nothing happens!  Shock horror!

We are extremely lucky in KZN to have companies like Arniks Appliance Services on hand to pop over and sort out the problem.  Pranesh Gokul who owns the company, and his team arrive like Appliance Super Hero’s right on time – with a happy “don’t-worry-we’ve-got-this” smile on their faces.

Pranesh says that although his passion is with refrigeration, and installing or repairing anything to do with fridges, he is able to find and fix the problem with any home appliance.  Says Pranesh “I’ve been in the appliances repair industry for over 20 years now – and started working with Hirsch’s about 13 years ago. Arniks Appliances Services has grown from the love and passion I have for my job. We currently have a  small staff of 4 people , but it’s the services and skills that my staff provide to my customers that are most important to me.  I hope in the future to teach more young people with appliance repairs skills and to expand my company. Customers satisfaction is what Arniks Appliances Service guarantees.”

We agree, they really are a team of Appliance Super Hero’s!

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