The Trusty Tumble Dryer

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That inimitable scent of warm clothes as they are taken out of the tumble dryer on a chilly winter’s day;  the knowledge that your children won’t have to go to bed with damp pajamas; having a lovely warm towel to wrap yourself in when you get out of the shower – these are just some of the reasons why we love our tumble dryers! With the cooler weather setting in,  the tumble dryer is likely to move to the top of the appliance list, especially if you want to cut back on ironing!

Hirsch’s have seen a great surge in tumble dryer sales since they re-opened in level 3.  One customer we spoke to said that she had never thought about how much she had relied on her tumble dryer until it stopped working during Lockdown.  “We were going through a particularly cold patch and I loaded the clothes into the tumble dryer to make sure that we all had warm dry clothes for the night and the next day.  No tumble! We managed to get a technician to come through a few days later, and he sorted out the problem, much to our relief!  I didn’t realize how much we relied on our trusty tumble dryer – until it stopped working.”

If you’re looking for a new tumble dryer, don’t forget to look out for the energy-saving signs on the machine (A++). A condensation dryer could be the answer for your family.  It will save on ironing and is particularly gentle with laundry.  You also have the option of the Washer Dryer – a practical all in one appliance.

Incidentally, there are a few items that one SHOULDN’T put in the tumble dryer!  Sports shoes or rubber bath mats for instance. Lycra sportswear should also be air dried, and so should lace, silk and synthetic level.  Always check on the tumble dry symbol on your clothing to be on the safe side!

Hirsch’s has a wonderful selection of energy-efficient tumble dryers in their shops and online.

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