Keep Calm and Drink Coffee

keep calm and drink coffee

Fun fact!  As well as helping you to ease into the day and keep you calm and in a happy place, coffee can actually help to boost your brainpower and metabolism – and it could also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes!

A  study that was published in the Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, wrote: “Coffee comprises over a thousand compounds, many of which are biologically active and may affect human health. The biological effects of coffee include stimulation of the central nervous system, primarily by caffeine, the reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation, and anti-carcinogenesis.

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Hirsch’s Congratulate Coffee Champ.
At the SCASA (Speciality Coffee Association of Southern Africa)  National Coffee competition that was held at Hostex in Gauteng early March, Wency Masawi, an Accredited Speciality Coffee Trainer from Tanaka Coffee and African Roots, Umhlanga, was crowned as the Cup Tasting Champion for the whole country. He will travel to Poland in October (it appears that the trip is still on!)  to compete at the World Cup Tasters and Latte Art Championships.

Allan and Richard Hirsch, both coffee lovers,   paid Wency a visit just before Lockdown to congratulate him on his win, ask him a few tips and find out more about cupping. Wency explained that cupping is a method of evaluating different characteristics of a particular coffee bean. “It allows us to compare different coffees and get a better understanding of them.  It is a great evaluation tool for something that changes from coffee estate to estate, region to region or country to country.” He told them.   His favourites, and trending right now are Ethiopia’s Kochere coffee and Rwanda’s Bako.

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