LG begins rolling out 2020 TV Line-Up

LG begins rolling out 2020 TV Line-Up, lg, hirschs, oled, coming soon, technology, tv, television

LG begins rolling out 2020 TV Line-Up Spreadhead by Award-Winning OLED TVs.

Specially crafted inspired OLED Models and Expanded 8K Line-up provide crystal picture and magnificent sound quality for an excellent viewing experience.

LG Electronics is proud to announce the rollout of its stellar 2020 TV line-up, led by 7 new SELF-LIT OLED models, including the art inspired GX Gallery series, the real 8K 88” ZX Signature model, LG’s largest SELF-LIT OLED, the wallpaper thin WX series, 8K and 4K NanoCell Technology TVs and 4K UHD TVs. The undisputed world leader in OLED TVs, LG is taking the viewing and gaming experience into exciting new territory.

“Consumers will appreciate the sophisticated designs of our 2020 premium TVs and their ability to seamlessly integrate with, and elevate any space,” said Lance Shaun Berger, LG’s Home Entertainment National Sales Head. OLED continues to offer the best viewing experience around; the self-emissive display technology can precisely control light at the pixel level for the deepest blacks, most realistic colours and infinite contrast. The stunningly sleek, form factors of the new TVs are as breath-taking as the picture quality they deliver, beneficiaries of LG’s unrivalled OLED technology,”

Exemplifying LG’s commitment to outstanding design, the new GX Gallery series models offer a unique minimalist aesthetic, made possible by OLED’s revolutionary panel technology, which does not require a backlight. This allows the television to integrate state-of-the-art picture quality in an ultra-thin form factor – the 65-inch model is only 2cm thin, without the need for a separate control box.

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