Sharing a memorable moment with Samsung

Sharing a memorable moment with Samsung

Sometimes the most important memories are the ones that evoke the best feelings.

Sitting beside a roaring fire with a hot cup of cocoa and watching a movie or your favourite series with your family in the comfort of your own home. Those are the moments that we will always treasure with people that are irreplaceable.

Similarly, Samsung has been a brand that is synonymous with carrying us through those moments and they have come a long way as a brand. Fast forward to 2020 and we are proud to announce the launch of the new Samsung S20

Galaxy Note20 

The first to merge a pen with a phone, Note put a whole new world in your pocket. As we face a new normal, life demands a new kind of device. This is not a smartphone as you know it. This is a computer suite in your pocket. This is next-level gaming on mobile. This is a pro-grade 8K camera and editing suite.

With a tap of the S Pen, your handwriting corrects itself if you’re writing at an angle, keeping your notes legible and organized. It can even transform into text you can copy and paste. Then export your notes as a PPT or Word file for easy sharing.

8K Video

8K video gives you crisp footage with incredible detail, and pro-grade controls give you real-time creative power so you can edit in-camera. Shoot super smooth action in 120fps, or isolate voices with a Bluetooth microphone. Then add finishing touches by editing your videos right on your phone.

This is the power phone that forever changes how you work and play.

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