Goal Setting Tips To Help Empower Women

Goal Setting Tips To Help Empower Women

Goal Setting Tips To Help Empower Women

Goal setting tips to help empower women was the topic for the recent Margaret Hirsch Women in business meeting. Margaret Hirsch founded the women in business groups to help ladies reach their full potential. Margaret ended the year off on a high note explaining the importance of goals and how to plan your 2021 goals.

About Margaret Hirsch

Margaret was recently awarded her MBA and has become a leading example to businesswomen in Southern Africa.  In her talk, she covered how she came from a humble background and through hard work and determination co-founded Hirsch’s. Hirsch’s is the family’s multi-million rand appliance and electronic retail operation.

Margaret has been recognised with many business awards, including two Lifetime Achievement Awards in business and entrepreneurship.
Hirsch’s ran active community involvement projects in stores such as networking sessions for local entrepreneurs, training sessions for domestic workers and regular cook-offs in-store with kids and celebrity chefs. Due to Covid-19, the instore events came to a halt. These events proved to help the community as there was an opportunity for everyone to learn something and were deeply missed by the community. Therefore Hirsch’s decided to take these events online to continue to show support to the community.

About the networking meetings

The networking programmes facilitate businesswomen and men to connect, share knowledge and support each other. Successful business people in the community regularly do a talk on their business model, providing motivation and business tips useful to the audience. This helps equip other businesses with valuable tools to implement in their own businesses. During Lockdown, Margaret has held these networking sessions in a virtual setting, and the response has been exceptional.

Goal setting

Almost 100 women from around the country joined the event on Zoom and many more on Facebook Live. Margaret gave her personal best tips on the importance of goal setting and encouraged her audience to do so as well.

A few gems from Margaret: “If you can’t see your target, you won’t get there. “Let your dreams be bigger than your fears”. “Focus on your acquisition of knowledge”. “Put energy and effort into everything you do!”. “Be very specific about what you want and when you decide what you want – double it!”.

The final networking event will be the Hirsch’s entrepreneurs workshop. Margaret and Business Coach Marlene Powell will be inspiring entrepreneurs to keep going to build stronger, better businesses. Click here to register.

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