A Very Jolly Vegan Christmas Treat

A Very Jolly Vegan Christmas Treat

A Very Jolly Vegan Christmas Treat

Jennifer Swanepoel cooked A very Jolly Vegan Christmas treat in Hirsch’s Ballito recently. If you’ve ever wondered what vegans have for Christmas while everyone else is getting stuck into their ham and turkey, you’ll be interested to hear that is just as tasty and delicious as the traditional Christmas dinner.

The cooking took place in the new Bosch show kitchen in Hirsch’s Ballito. Attendees streamed in via zoom and Facebook live and watched attentively as Jen whipped up some of her vegan favourites. These included a Cashew & Mushroom Roulade with Sun-dried tomato and cashew crumb, butternut Puree and sides for mains and Charred yellow cling peaches & cream for dessert.

Glenda Thompson, who handles the Hirsch’s PR joined Jen in the kitchen and assisted in creating some vegan masterpieces. “ I just love Jen’s food it is always so fresh and flavoursome”!

Margaret Hirsch’s Vegan Journey

Margaret Hirsch has followed a plant-based diet over the past few years and odes it to the reason she is never sick. She decided to host a vegan Christmas demo this year to showcase just how delicious vegan food is. And how you can incorporate it into any celebration.

“I just love being vegan there are so many variations of food nowadays such as vegan cheese that you don’t even need the real thing”. “It has also made me feel so much healthier my mind is clearer and I have all the energy in the world,” said Margaret.

Jen’s story & the founding of Root’s café

Jennifer Swanepoel is the founder and operator of the popular plant-based restaurant on the North Coast of Durban. Her restaurant, Roots Café & Deli, serves deliciously, nutritious Vegan and Vegetarian meals. Their farm to table approach ensures that their food is always fresh and full of goodness. Jen’s plant-based journey started after suffering from a life threatening illness, and she hasn’t looked back since. “I cut all animal products from my diet. Within two weeks, the inflammatory markers had dropped and I could feel a difference. “Two years later, I have not had a single relapse and I feel great,” she said.

Margaret will be showcasing a hot and cold  Christmas spread for the next live cooking event on the 9th of December.

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