Brightening Spirits At The Johannesburg School For The Blind

Brightening Spirits At The Johannesburg School For The Blind

Brightening Spirits At The Johannesburg School For The Blind.

Izelle Hoffman together with Hirsch’s and Bosch put on a fabulous virtual cooking demonstration at the latest Hirsch’s Kitchen Capers live event.

It took place in the Hirsch’s Centurion Bosch show kitchen recently and was hosted by Margaret Hirsch, Executive Director of Hirsch’s. Izelle and her sous chef, Alain Tardin whipped up a delicious and healthy Christmas meal for the children at the Johannesburg School For The Blind. Margaret has supported the school for many years and was excited that the residents were going to be the recipients of the meal cooked by Izelle and Alain.

About Izelle Hoffman

Izelle is a proud believer in healthy cooking; her main aim is to show how to use healthier alternatives to recreate much-loved dishes. She believes in using natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory ingredients to optimize health and performance. This is why Izelle is the picture of health.

Margaret also shared her Christmas table inspiration live and explained how easy it was to cook a full Christmas meal with the help of Bosch’s small appliances. “ I just love my Bosch kitchen machine it is an all in one kitchen machine that does everything I need it to do, you can chop, blend, blitz and so on”, said Margaret Hirsch.

The Menu

The menu for the day was Honey and Mustard Chicken traybake with Cinnamon roasted sweet potato and butternut, Minted peas, Savoury rice. For dessert, there were some delectable Cinnamon cookies. These recipes are all packed with many health benefits and can be found in Izelle Hoffman’s cookbook.

The team then headed off to the Johannesburg school for the blind to treat the children to a healthy and delicious Christmas meal. Izelle and her team also brought The kids Christmas gifts to bring some extra cheer this Christmas.

The Johannesburg School for The Blind and Kids with Disabilities

“The Johannesburg School for Blind, Low Vision and Multiple Disability Children (short name Beka) started in January 2003. There is no other specialized primary school in the Greater Johannesburg area for blind children or those with low vision. We cater to those with or without other disabilities, teaching from grades R-7. The school follows the National Curriculum, but it tailors the program to each specific child. This includes life skills to maximize independence. They learn how to cook, grow vegetables in the sensory garden, and many more life lessons. The understanding of danger is also integral to practical lessons.”

Margaret Hirsch has always been a proud supporter of the Johannesburg School for the Blind. “These kids are amazing and so talented in their own right. We have kids that are the most beautiful painters even though they cannot see, they are an inspiration”, Said Margaret.

Brightening Spirits At The Johannesburg School For The Blind

Brightening Spirits At The Johannesburg School For The Blind

The next event

Margaret Hirsch and a team from Carrol Boyes will showcase how to decorate your Christmas table in style. The event will take place on Thursday the 17th of December.

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