Top Small Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Cooking

Top Small Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Cooking

We have put together some of our Top Small Kitchen Appliances for Healthy Cooking

2021 is bringing with it a heightened awareness for health and healthy cooking. Now more than ever we need to make sure we are getting the right amount of fresh food into our diet. With many people choosing a diet rich in healthy vegetables, lean protein, and fruit, it does take time to prepare and cook these meals. There are many fantastic appliances and gadgets out there to assist with a healthier diet. Therefore we have listed some of our favourite appliances and gadgets to help you with your healthy cooking goals, allowing you to whip up a healthy nutritious meal in no time.

Kitchen Preparation

One of the longest tasks when cooking is preparing your fresh ingredients but this is also the most essential task. Luckily there are an array of amazing small kitchen gadgets to help you with this. Our first recommendation is a Bosch food processor, with its powerful motor it eliminates the task of grating, chopping, and mixing giving you great results every time. It also allows you to blend soups and sauces to create homemade masterpieces without all of the preservatives. A great set of knives can also cut down the time and effort it takes to prepare meals. Using a sharp knife limits the damage and wastage of food as it allows you to achieve a closer cut. Spiralisers and specialized peelers allow one to create healthier alternatives such as vegetable noodles, which are a nutrient-packed alternative to traditional pasta. They also allow you to prepare vegetables like a pro. Progressive also has a fantastic range of versatile kitchen gadgets to assist with chopping, storage, microwave cooking, and much more.

Juicers, Blenders, and Smoothie makers

For a healthy diet, it is recommended to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day. A trend at the moment has seen many people liquidizing their vegetables into juices. Juice extractors are a great way to incorporate this into your diet without having to peel and chop. They extract the juice from fruit and vegetables leaving you a healthy juice packed with nutrients. Some extractors even allow you to choose the fiber content of the juice such as the Philips Advance Centrifugal juice extractor.

Blenders and smoothie makers allow you to blend your fruit and vegetables. They offer a powerful pulse to blend hard vegetables and fruit along with ice and dairy. This is different from a juicer as it creates a blended smooth drink which is often a thicker consistency, therefore keeping you fuller and taking longer to digest. Blenders are also great for blending up healthy soups for easier digestion. Blenders such as the Nutribullet allow one to crush nuts, spices and have a drink on the go. Technology such as the Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender is precisely calibrated to calculate the exact nutritional value of your smoothie. It counts calories, protein, carbs, fat, sugar, and more based on ingredient volume.

Cooking appliances

Cooking appliances such as Airfryers, grills, pressure cookers, and steamers all offer quick and healthy cooking. Airfryers use special circulated air to cook and fry your favourite foods. Unlike traditional fryers, you use zero oil which cuts calories by 70-80%. Cooking with an Airfryer takes half the time to cook your favourite foods in a healthier way.

Grills are a handy gadget for grilling meat and vegetables. Because their grids are specially designed to allow fat and oil to drip off the grid. It provides a healthy cooking process with less fat giving you lean tasty food.

Pressure cookers allow one to create a healthy soup or stew in less than an hour making it easier to create healthy meals. They use a build-up of steam and pressure to boil the food and the shorter cooking period locks in flavour and nutrients. Pair this with a stick blender and you will have the best and quickest healthy soups. The Instant pot is also a fantastic cooker as it has the option to create 7 meals in one appliance.

Steamers are one of the healthiest cooking options available. They retain natural vitamins and minerals and lower cholesterol, as they do not need added oils, and require minimal clean-up.

These are just some ways to achieve a healthy diet using small kitchen appliances. Remember to shop for your favourite Kitchen appliances here and view our blog for recipes, news, information, online networking and more.