Back To School Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Back To School Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Hirsch’s Homestore recently held its first Kitchen Capers for the year with some Back To School Healthy Lunch Box Ideas. Margaret Hirsch hosted the event virtually with Hirsch’s own in house chef, Linsday Kleynhans. Lindsay put together over 20 vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Lindsay demonstrated how to put together tasty, simple snacks that she cooked in the Philips AirFryer. Using the Spar simply veg line she was able to cook with ease. She also whipped up some healthy smoothie and fresh juice ideas using the Philips juicer, and salads and dips to be included in the lunch box. Because it is always good to include some healthy snacks.

Back To School Healthy Lunch Box Ideas


For some more fun recipe inspiration shop Luci Hirsch’s cookbook for some quick and easy recipes.

Join us next Wednesday for delicious meal ideas for busy Mums who divide their lives between running their homes and businesses with top business woman, Nomfundo Mcoyi. She will be showcasing just how easy it is to go from the board room to the kitchen.

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