Baked Tomato, Mozzarella, and Olive Risoni with seafood

Baked Tomato, Mozzarella, and Olive Risoni with seafood

Baked Tomato, Mozzarella, and Olive Risoni with seafood

This Baked Tomato, Mozzarella, and Olive Risoni with seafood is the perfect meal for a romantic dinner date.


For the tomato sauce:

  • 400g Spar Freshline Tomatoes, roughly chopped Spar Freshline Oreganum

  • Spar Freshline Basil

  • Spar Freshline Thyme

  • 1 Garlic clove

  •  Salt

  • Pepper

  • 1tsp White Sugar

  • 30ml Tomato sauce

  • 1tsp Chilli flakes

For the Risoni:

  • 150g Risoni or Orzo

  • 1 Red pepper

  • 6 Black olives

  • 125g Mozzarella

For the Seafood mix:

  • 200g Spar Mussel meat

  • 200g Spar Prawn Tails

  • 100g Spar Crab Flavoured Sticks Containing Fish

  • 100g Butter

  • Juice and zest of a medium Spar Freshline lemon

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Heat your oven to 180°C fan or 200°C conventional.

  2. To make the tomato sauce: Add roughly chopped tomatoes, some basil leaves, fresh oreganum leaves, garlic, red pepper salt and pepper to a food processor and blend well.

  3. Tip the risoni or orzo into a medium casserole dish then stir in the oil, chilli flakes and olives. Pour in the fresh tomato sauce and water then stir well. Cover with a lid or foil and bake for 20minutes, until the rice is almost cooked. Remove the lid, stir and cook for another 10 minutes. Remove, turn the oven to 220°C, break the mozzarella and grill until the mozzarella is melted and brown.

  4. While the risoni is in the oven you can get cooking on the seafood.

  5. Ensure that the seafood is completely defrosted as per the packet instructions.

  6. Mussels: Bring a small pot of water to the boil, turn off the heart, add the mussel meat, cover and let it steam for 5 minutes – Done.

  7. Crab sticks: Chop the crab sticks roughly and set aside – Done.

  8. Prawn Tails: Heat a frying pan with butter, garlic and lemon. Add the prawn tails and fry them off for 5 minutes per side – Done.

  9. Now add the mussels, crab sticks and prawns back into the pan and warm through.

  10. Remove the risoni from the oven, top with the seafood mix and serve.

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