Coffee Machines For Your Home

Coffee Machines For Your Home

Coffee Machines For Your Home

Whether it’s a fresh bean to cup or an exotic coffee pod, Coffee Machines For Your Home have become a much-loved appliance. We have broken down some of our favourites to help you decide which one to bring home this winter.

Drip Filter Coffee Machines

Drip filter coffee machines create a perfect cup of filtered coffee. A drip filter coffee machine uses pre-packaged ground coffee beans. These machines also come with a built in heating pad which keep the filtered coffee warm.

How does a Drip Filter Coffee Machine work?

The machine comes with a compartment where one would place the coffee grounds into the machine. Water is then heated and poured over the coffee and through a filter. This creates the fresh aromatic coffee we all know and love. There is a wide variety of filter coffee machines along with a host of different coffees from all over the world to choose from. Have a look out for a filter coffee machine with a built-in filter which is better for the environment and also saves you the hassle of buying filters.

Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines

Automatic coffee machines give you the option to choose fresh coffee beans. Because the machine comes with a built-in coffee grinder which yields you the freshest cup of coffee every time. They also come with the option to use pre-ground coffee. These machines can create a single serving cup or multiple and they are great for a family, as each member can create their perfect cup.

They are, in most cases, fitted with an automatic milk frother which allows you to create cappuccinos, lattes, decadent milky hot chocolates and much more. They also have a built-in water tank.

How do Automatic Espresso Coffee Machines work?

Once you have chosen your favourite drink the machine will grind the perfect amount of beans for your choice. The milk frother will then heat up and dispense a warm frothy milk into the cup. Then water is heated and a hot steamy flow of water penetrates the coffee and is pressurised through the machine to come out of the spout and into your cup.

There have been many new developments with these machines from Bluetooth capabilities and apps which allow you to create your perfect cup remotely. As well as The ability to add multiple profiles with different family favourites.

Nespresso Coffee Machines And Coffee Pods:

Nespresso coffee machines combine technology, quality and design to deliver a barista-like experience. They use a coffee pod which is filled with sustainable and exceptional quality coffee. This coffee is available in a wide variety of flavours, strengths and blends.

A coffee pod is a pre-packed serving of coffee, wrapped in filter paper that is ready to be infused.

How does a Coffee Pod work?

The water is pushed through a narrow needle to increase the pressure. The high-pressured hot water pumps through the coffee in the pod thus, unlocking the flavour and essence. The filter paper at the bottom of the pod stops the ground coffee from slipping through while dripping into your cup.

Most coffee pods do not have milk in them you would then have to add in your milk which makes it perfect for those with different milk preferences. The Aeroccino milk frother creates a perfect hot or cold foam. Most pods are single use only. An eco-friendly way to dispose of your plastic pods is to clean it out thoroughly and recycle it at your closest Nespresso store.

Nespresso also hosts a variety of machines with a built-in milk frother which works much like the Automatic espresso coffee machines.

Coffee is a staple in many homes and with such a variety of machines to choose from this much-loved appliance has a special place in our homes. Be sure to clean your machine regularly to keep it working for you.

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