Seek The Best With Bean There Coffee

Seek The Best With Bean There Coffee

Explore the taste of Africa and Seek The Best With Bean There Coffee Beans. Whether you are a regular coffee drinker, coffee snob, or connoisseur a great cup of coffee can make or break your day! But what is coffee and what makes a great bean?

How Are Coffee Beans Produced?

Coffee beans are grown on the Coffea plant. A Coffee bean is the seed that is found inside the ripe fruit which is cleaned, sorted, dried and roasted. The roasting process is where the flavours of the beans develop. This is what creates the perfect bean we all know and love. The weather, geographic location as well as how the beans are produced all factor into the flavour of the bean. This gives the beans from different areas a distinctive taste indigenous to the area in which they have been grown. The beans are then packaged directly or ground and then sold for public consumption.

Single Origin Coffee Beans

Origin refers to the place in which the coffee beans were grown and harvested. Single origin coffee beans have not been mixed with other beans from other areas and have come from one location. This creates a distinctive taste and high quality coffee bean. Bean there coffee beans source the finest quality coffee beans directly from farmers in Africa ensuring that the beans are part of fair trade and create sustainability towards the communities that farm the coffee beans. Too often substandard and unfairly traded coffee beans reach the market causing consumers to deter from purchasing fresh coffee beans. It is therefore important to support companies who believe in fair trade practises to protect the farmers and the quality of the coffee produced.

Health benefits of Coffee

Coffee contains a stimulant called Caffeine which in other words gives you energy for optimal performance. It can also increase your metabolic rate, therefore assisting with weight loss. It also assists with brain activity and protects your brain from future conditions as it contains many beneficial nutrients which fight the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Coffee can also improve your overall mood due to the endorphins that are released when you enjoy your favourite cuppa.

How Can You Enjoy Coffee?

There are multiple coffee machines and makers available on the market for you to enjoy your perfect cup! Coffee machines are specially designed to grind fresh whole coffee beans and add bursts of hot steaming water. This then extracts the best flavour and gives you the best tasting coffee. Bean there coffee beans can take the consumer on an adventure from Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to the hot springs in Burundi so where will you start?

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