Having a TV in Your Bedroom: Is it a Good or Bad Decision?

Having a TV in Your Bedroom: Is it a Good or Bad Decision?

Having a TV in Your Bedroom: Is it a Good or Bad Decision? Living rooms are designed around the TV. Schedules are adjusted according to preferred television shows. School holidays are made a little more manageable with the help of the TV to babysit smaller children.

The jury is still out, however, on whether or not a TV in the bedroom is a good idea.

Are you of the opinion that this portal is the best way to stay current with world affairs? Or do you lean towards the view that the bedroom is a sacred space and should be spared the noise and distraction of the outside world?

Here are our thoughts on the matter.

The Pros and Cons of a TV in the Bedroom

A TV in the bedroom is very much a personal choice. (And if you live in a bachelor apartment then it may not be a choice at all.)

Fortunately, the days of a chunky appliance greedily hogging the available floor space is not an issue anymore. Today’s TVs are sleek and discreet and mount beautifully on your wall. Nevertheless, there are some compelling reasons to think twice before inviting a talking box into your inner sanctum.

Sleep Quality

Most of us will be vaguely aware of the theory that blue light emitted from electronic devices can impact our melatonin levels and make falling asleep far more difficult than it needs to be. TV is one such device, although generally tablets and phones are worse than a telly as they are closer to your face.

Besides taking longer to fall asleep, the background noise from a TV can keep us in a lighter sleep cycle for longer periods, unable to gain the benefits of that deep restful sleep that we all desperately need.

Having said that, we’re sure that you all know people who use their TV as a sleep aid. Perhaps the dialogue interrupts their thoughts and allows them to relax after a crazy day at work. Or maybe putting on an old series offers a quiet familiarity that allows your tired mind to drift off easily. Whatever the case, it’s a common practice.

If you’re keen to put a TV in your bedroom, then purchase one that can be set to turn itself off after a certain period of time. Perhaps chat with one of our team who can guide you on which of the latest TVs display less blue light, if this is your concern.

Focus and Attention

Do you live alone? If so, then your preference will prevail.

However, if you have a partner or children, you may find that a bedroom telly interferes with your family time. Some feel that TVs tend to detract from meaningful conversations or close interaction between family members, and they may have a point. After all, the TV doesn’t keep quiet for anyone and certainly doesn’t wait its turn to speak.

In our fast-paced world, it may be that we need those few minutes each night to reconnect with our loved ones in the quiet safety of our bedroom.

Another point worth noting is that having a TV on, even in the background, automatically requires your brain to multitask. Some interesting insights have come to light recently on the subject of multitasking which you may not be aware of.

According to one study, constantly switching between tasks affects productivity – in a bad way. After a while, this practice can impair cognitive ability and negatively affect our short term memory. So, if you’re reading, studying, texting, or involved in anything that requires concentration, having a TV on can be more of a problem than we realise.

Rather keep it in the living room and keep your bedroom as a silent haven.

Comfort and Convenience

When you’ve called in sick or your little one has been kept home from school, there’s nothing better than cuddling up in bed with a box of tissues, a cup of tea, and the TV for company.

It’s the perfect companion for those lazy Sunday mornings when you’ve nipped out to grab a coffee and you’re back under the duvet on a wintery morning with your favourite feel-good show. It’s also a wonderfully comfortable way to spend a cold and rainy weekend.

Stay Up-to-Date

Not that we’re always keen to hear the news, but while you’re getting dressed in the morning it can be useful to have access to the latest updates in the world of current affairs, sport, or finance.

A smart TV offers all the information you need from the comfort of your bed, quickly and easily accessing global channels, social networks, or videos.


Any form of media that we expose ourselves to is likely going to come with ads. We understand this to be a necessary part of life today, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Maybe ads don’t bother you too much, but chances are they will still affect you. Have you ever found yourself buying something that you didn’t really need but was a great deal? Yep, that’s kind of the whole point of advertising.

If you want to keep your hard-earned rands in your pocket. Tt may be a wise course of action to keep those voices out of your bedroom sanctuary. The flip side of that coin is seeing that holiday special advertised when you’ve just dragged yourself out of bed on a rainy Monday morning… certainly something to think about.

Your Bedroom, Your Choice

There’s no doubt that TV and bed can be great roommates if the pros outweigh the cons and suit your lifestyle.

So, whether you’re adamant that the gentle hum of a TV helps you to clear the fog of the day and rest your mind, or you prefer to draw a line at the threshold of your bedroom door and refuse it entry, you have a little more information on the topic.

If you’re thinking about a new TV then take a look at our specials and scroll through the dozens of options that we have available. We look forward to assisting you.

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