Choosing The Perfect Bed For You

Choosing The Perfect Bed For You

We have put together some tips on Choosing The Perfect Bed For You. A good night’s rest is vital for optimal performance during the day. Having a bed that offers the correct support for your height, weight, and health requirements aids in achieving a good night’s rest and improves overall health. Therefore it is important to invest in a bed that will work for you and your partner for several years. An incorrect bed can cause back and neck pain and many sleepless nights.

Choosing The Perfect Bed For You


When purchasing a bed the number one aspect to take into consideration is comfort. There are many different types of beds on offer with a multitude of different specifications but if you cannot get comfortable in the bed it won’t work for you. We recommend testing a bed in store before purchasing it by laying on the bed with your feet up as this will give the full effect of the mattress.

A mattress that is too soft will cause your spine to dip and create back pain. Therefore it is recommended to go for a gently firm mattress if you suffer from back pain. As your spine needs to be aligned correctly with the support points. If you suffer from any spinal or back conditions you should visit your doctor and have them advise on the perfect support level for you. If you prefer a softer mattress memory foam toppers work with the structure of the mattress as well as adding an extra comfort level.

Types of Mattresses

  • Bonnel springs are coils that are interlocked which offer great support.  The Bonnel Spring is found in a firmer mattress and will tend to last longer.  Airflow is optimised within the Springs. These Spring coils also support a greater weight.
  • Pocket springs – These are linear and nestled which limit movement and offer more support and comfort.  As they are individually placed you won’t feel your partner moving whilst sleeping.  Air can flow between the springs allowing for a cooler sleep.
  • Memory Foam-Memory foam mattresses contour to your body and increase circulation. It is good for pressure relief. Memory foam retains heat it is therefore often paired with a blue gel memory gel which regulates the temperature of the mattress.

Weight Distribution

Mattresses come with their own weight limitations. To achieve the desired benefits of the mattress you need to make sure you are purchasing a mattress that can correctly support you and your partner’s weight. The mattress will become damaged and you won’t benefit from the correct support if the maximum weight restriction is exceeded.

 Pillow Comfort

The purpose of the pillow is to support your back,  neck, and shoulders while you sleep. The recommended pillow is a medium density pillow that does not prop up your neck to a higher position than the mattress. Because you need your neck to be in line with your spine. If you sleep while your neck is in a higher position to your spine it can cause neck spasms and back pain.


Now that you have some more information on how to choose the perfect features of a mattress it is time to decide on the correct size. It is important to measure the bedroom to make an informed decision of what size could adequately fit the room. You need to have enough space to move around the room. If a mattress is too large for a room it can make the room feel much smaller and boxier than it is. You should measure the width and length of the room and make a decision from there. You would also need to determine if the bed is for a couple or a single person as this will determine the size needed.

A standard single mattress is 92cm x 188cm. A three quarter is 107cm x 188cm, a double is 137cm X 188cm. Where a queen is 152cm X 188cm and a king is 183cm X 188cm. Longer length mattresses are also available. It is also important to measure doorways, staircases, and passages to ensure that the bed will fit into the room upon delivery.

Mattress Protectors

It is also a great idea to invest in a waterproof mattress protector as this protects the mattress from any spills or accidents that may occur. It is much easier and cheaper to take off a mattress protector and put it in the washing machine than have your whole mattress steam cleaned.

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