Homemade Rye Bread

Homemade Rye Bread

The new Smeg cookware range makes a great vessel for this Scrumptious Homemade Rye Bread Recipe. This fantastic recipe goes perfectly with a delectable soup or hearty stew. Rye flour contains higher values of Fiber and yields a more dense bread which aids in keeping you fuller for longer.

Ingredients For The Homemade Rye Bread:

  • Flour – 500ml White flour and 500ml of Rye bread flour
  • Salt- 5ml
  • Sugar- 5ml
  • Yeast- 1 sachet of Instant yeast
  • Warm water- 500ml


Mix all the dough ingredients together, adding water according to how soft you want the dough. Next, knead the dough until a soft dough forms. Then When dough is mixed put a little olive oil in a dish and prove the dough for 30 minutes. Then bake the bread at 220 degrees Celsius, using the thermo-fan bake function in your oven. The bread will cook for 30minutes you will not need to preheat the oven because you are using the Thermo fan.

*Prove- Place the dough into a dish lined with olive oil  and covered in a warm dark area

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