Air-conditioning For Your Home And Office

Air-conditioning For Your Home And Office, Best aircon brands,

Air-conditioning For Your Home And Office

Hot summer days are just around the corner. Beat the crowds and find the right air-conditioning for your home and office now. The hotter it gets the more the demand for air-conditioning grows therefore why not plan your air-conditioning needs now before the season gets too busy. Hirsch’s only stocks the best aircon brands in South Africa. Which gives you peace of mind, knowing you will be purchasing the best from a trusted supplier.

Brands We Stock

Samsung, Alliance, Neocool, LG, Carrier, Hisense, Daikin and defy. All of these brands offer after sales service making them the most trusted brands in South Africa.

How To Choose The Correct Size For Your Home Or Office

Air-conditioners are measured by BTU. BTU means British Thermal Units these units measure how many units of heat an air conditioner can remove. This then allows you to choose the correct size to remove the required amount of heat for the area.

  • 9000 Btu – 16 Square Meters
  • 12000 Btu – 24 Square Meters
  • 18000 Btu – 36 Square Meters
  • 24000 Btu – 45-50 Square Meters
  • Commercial Units – are suggested for large office or home use because they are ducted into the office or home. Enquire now.

Using an air-conditioner which is too small for a room will cause it to under perform and over work. This then costs you more in energy and will lessen the lifespan of your unit.

Inverter or Non Inverter

Inverter aircons save on electricity because they efficiently control the motor speed of the aircon which saves energy. These air-conditioners are recommended for someone who will be running the aircon for a long period of time daily. The compressor on Non Inverters  is not controlled so it runs on full capacity.

Advantages of Air-conditioning

Air- Conditioners are fantastic at cooling your home with fresh cool air and filtering out bacteria. Many people think of an Air-conditioner solely as a cooling device but studies have shown that by using a heating air-conditioner to heat your home you can save up to three times as much on your electricity bill. This will end up saving you money in the long run as the air-conditioner can be used to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Air-conditioning assists in purifying the air because of its air filters which filter out dirt and dust. This is great for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. They also promote safety as their is no need to leave a door or window open as you have a constant flow of fresh clean air.

Service and Repairs

Whether heating or cooling,  air conditioners process large volumes of air and need to be serviced on an annual basis. The strategically placed filter traps dirt particles that may pass through them. Damage to the coils and heating elements can be caused because the filter is dirty with a dust and dirt build up. This will add strain to your unit and drastically reduce the lifespan. Luckily we have a dedicated Hirsch Air service department who will arrange a service for you in time for summer. As such giving you more time to relax.

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