Cool Features of Samsung’s Hot New Stoves

Cool Features of Samsung’s Hot New Stoves

Cool Features of Samsung’s Hot New Stoves. If you want to get things cooking this spring, then you can’t do better than Samsung’s latest range of stoves. With their innovative features, every meal is cooked to perfection without any fuss. If you’re interested in buying a new stove, then here’s a look at what Samsung offers.


What to Consider When Buying a Stove

The Samsung range has a number of options that fit into your budget and style. Here’s a look at some of the elements you’ll need to consider when buying a Samsung stove.


–          Single or Double Oven

When it comes to configurations, Samsung has something to fit every kitchen! There’s the popular single oven which is a traditional-style stove with the cooktop and a large oven below. There’s also the double-oven configuration which is Samsung’s Flex Duo™ option (read more about this in features below).


–          Freestanding or Slide-in Ranges

Although not as common in modern kitchen designs, there is still a market for Samsung’s freestanding stoves which come in a variety of size and feature options. The freestanding stove, which has a backguard with controls, can be placed anywhere there is an electrical outlet or gas hook-up. Additionally, the slide-in range is designed to fit seamlessly into the kitchen countertop.


–          Gas, Electric or Dual-Fuel

Samsung ovens are available in the electric, gas and even dual-fuel ranges so you’re getting a power source that suits your needs. While the electric option ensures a more even heat, loadshedding in South Africa has prompted many to turn to the gas or dual-fuel ranges for a sense of certainty. The dual-fuel range will provide you with an electric oven and a gas stovetop.


–          Gas, Electric or Induction

When it comes to Samsung cooktops, there’s the traditional gas cooktop as well as the increasingly popular glass-top electric cooktops that heat an element and transfers the heat to your cookware. These are a bit slower to respond, and the surface remains hot for a while after switching off. The induction cooktops, however, use an alternating electrical current that creates a magnetic field to heat your cookware directly. There’s no energy lost and the heat is off once you’re finished cooking.


–          Colours

Samsung ranges come in five colour options to suit your personal kitchen style. These are the traditional black and white, as well as the popular stainless steel, black stainless steel which is smudge-resistant, and the latest Tuscan stainless steel which is a rich bronze colour suited to the farmhouse design.


What Are the Features of a Samsung Stove?

Once you’ve made your decision on the aforementioned stove options, you can look out for Samsung’s incredible features that turn any meal into a masterpiece.


–          Griddles

For Samsung’s gas or dual-fuel ranges, you’ll get reversible griddles made of cast iron, which sit on top of each burner. This allows you to cook with either a smooth or ribbed surface, similar to cooking on a skillet.


–          Burners

When purchasing your Samsung stove, you can choose between four or five burner configurations as well as the innovative ‘Dual Power’ burner. This feature has two burners stacked on top of one another to provide quicker heat with more precise flame control. There’s also the ‘simmer burner’ feature for expert chocolate melting, and a ‘warming centre’ that keeps cooked food hot while you’re getting ready to serve.


  • Samsung’s Flex Duo™

If you’re great at multi-tasking and like baking two things simultaneously, then Samsung’s trademarked Flex Duo™ double cooking system is a feature for you. Using a ‘Smart Divider’, the oven can shift between a single, big space or two smaller ovens for simultaneous cooking, without overlap of aromas and taste. This range also has the ‘Dual Door’. This option uses a clever hinge so you can open just the top portion of the oven, to save heat, or the entire door.


–          Convection Cooking

A convection oven uses a built-in fan to circulate the air for more even cooking, however Samsung has taken it up a notch with the dual convection oven that has two internal fans for even better heating results. You can even cook on multiple racks.


–          Self-Cleaning Oven

Cleaning an oven is something that often gets overlooked and is almost never prioritised. That’s why Samsung’s self-cleaning option is so fantastic. It uses steam cleaning for a deep clean that gets rid of grime, so that in 20 minutes you have a sparkling oven.


–          Warming Drawers

If you don’t have the Samsung warming centre then you can use the warming drawer which lets you keep your food warm at three different temperature settings. This is usually a standard feature on higher-end models, with a storage drawer for the lower-end.


–          Sabbath Mode

The detail of Samsung’s design ensures that every occasion is considered. A latest Samsung stove feature is the ‘Sabbath Mode’ which bypasses the oven’s automatic shut off for the Sabbath or any other religious holidays.


–          Soft-Close Door

Another nifty feature is Samsung’s ‘Soft-close door’ that prevents slamming which can damage cookware. With this safety feature, the doors are gently closed.


–          Virtual Flame

Samsung has advanced its stoves with some really great features, like the ‘Virtual Flame’. This is a blue LED light that is emitted once the burner is activated so that you can see which burners are in use. This can be found on Samsung’s induction cooking ranges with the light shining onto the surface of your cookware.


–          Guiding Light Controls

These are built into Samsung’s glass touch panel and offer simple, step-by-step instructions for selecting and using options like oven temperature and time settings by zone, programmed recipes and cleaning settings.


–          Smart Control

With smart homes the way of the future, Samsung is making sure its range is not left behind with the Wi-Fi ‘Smart Control’ option. Available in the Samsung Flex Duo™ Slide-in Range with Dual Door and Wi-Fi Connectivity, there are endless ways this feature improves your life.


What Can the WI-FI Stove Do?

The Samsung Flex Duo™ Slide-in Range with Dual Door and Wi-Fi Connectivity combines advanced technology with flexible functionality. The ‘Smart Control’ feature allows you to control your stove and oven using a ‘SmartThings Auto Cook’ app on your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Once downloaded, you can:


  • Preheat and adjust oven cooking temperatures
  • Set the timer
  • Receive real-time alerts on oven temperatures
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Turn the oven on and off
  • Choose a pre-set cooking mode

When it comes to home kitchen appliances, Samsung is an industry leader. Every item is carefully crafted for superb cooking, with so many fantastic features to enhance your cooking experience. Read our blog for more product knowledge, events, news, recipes and more.