New Beds for Sale: How to Make the Best Choice for You

Life is hard enough without having a hard bed to cope with, don’t you agree?

When the time comes to tuck our sleepy family and ourselves away for the night, all we want is the delicious comfort of a warm and inviting bed. What we have to endure, though, may be lumpy, too hard, too soft, or sagging in the middle. 

That just won’t do at all!

If you lack the Goldilocks bed that is “just right” you may find yourself hunting for new mattresses and beds for sale. If this is true for you, you’ll be excited to read the science-backed information that we have in this article to help you choose and buy the right bed for you.

Where to Start

The best practice is to go into the process of finding the right bed with the knowledge of the sleep and mattress technology that works for you. 

Yes, the selection of beds is an exact science and that makes the best choice for you something of a personal journey.

Remember though, beds might indeed be ‘on sale’ but do not buy a bed for that reason alone. Let’s examine some sleep science facts.

We can all agree that you sleep a lot, or, at the very least, you should sleep a lot. Statistics show you’ll be spending a third of your life between the sheets. 

Sleep Thoughts From the Professionals

Dr David Palmer of Align Corrective Chiropractic discusses sleep, mattresses, and sleep position in the video below. In his video, he points out that “it is when we sleep that our cells replicate and rejuvenate. This allows how bodies to recover and heal. A chronic lack of sleep has been associated with lowered immunity, depression, and even heart failure.” 


Correct posture in sleep places the least amount of pressure on your spinal cord and nervous system, which is what a good mattress on a new bed should facilitate. 

Your Bedroom Furniture Matters

The director of the Sleep Research Centre at the University of Surrey, Professor Derk-Jan Dijk, explains further: We sleep because the brain needs to do things that it can’t do when you’re awake. The general idea is that good sleep is a contributor to good brain health. It fits with a growing understanding that the symptoms of neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are closely associated with sleep, and seem to worsen with a lack of it.”

Professor of Circadian Neuroscience at the University of Oxford Russell Foster, adds, Huge bouts of absolutely critical functions are performed (during sleep). That’s why we fall apart so rapidly if we don’t get sleep.”

Replacing Bedroom Furniture

You are going to need new bedroom furniture more than once in your lifetime. Approximately every seven years is recommended. Even if your marriage lasts longer than most, your bed won’t because your physical needs change at least every decade. 

Signs That You Need a New Mattress

Now that the benefits of having regular, recuperative sleep are not negotiable, start looking for the products for you today. Without a doubt, the difference in your health and well-being will be immediately noticeable.

beds and bed sets for the comfort of whole family

Special Needs

If you already have special needs, such as bone degeneration in the spine or hips, or an old injury you’re now contending with, then don’t delay getting yourself to a medical professional. Follow that with a visit to a reputable bed store near you. 

Wear and Tear

If your mattress has indentations, lumps, or other signs of wear and tear, such as squeaks and creaks, it’s time for it to go – no further discussion.

Poor Sleep

Add to this, if you are not well-rested on waking, ready to jump into the brand new day, but are stiff and sore, (despite allopathic sleep aids or meditation practice) your bed likely needs replacing. 

Mattress Allergies

If you are experiencing mattress allergies that is another reason to keep yourself within the recommended mattress replacement regime. Accumulated dust mites, mould, and mildew will be undoubtedly present after seven or more years. 


If you find you’re tossing and turning at three in the morning, it is likely thanks to your mattress.

Have you had the opportunity to sleep on a brand new hotel bed and find that you feel great afterwards? This could indicate that your bed at home is no longer adequate.

What Should You Look For When Shopping for a New Bed?

Take a moment of focus to understand your specific sleep patterns. Although top-of-the-line mattresses are available today, the bases are often part of the technology that supports the spine and body. 

Here are a few fast facts when it comes to obtaining your new bed:

  • Forget soft mattresses. Even if you imagine your hips hurt because your mattress is too hard, it’s not that. What you need is the right support with a ‘soft feel’ which is achievable in the medium to firm category. 
  • Your weight is a factor. Make sure the inner springs are firm but you can still have a comfy top layer.
  • Old-fashioned inner coil spring mattresses are bouncy but not ideal for adequate back, hip, and shoulder support. If these are not on your health agenda, then a new bed of this nature might be just right for you.
  • Hybrid mattresses combine support coils or pocketed coils with a pillow-top for comfort. Those who favour sleeping on their back would do well with a pillow top of latex. Side sleepers might prefer theirs to be of infused memory foam.
  • Look for the warranty. Some beds have comprehensive warranties that mean your bed will be replaced or repaired if it gets legitimately damaged.

What About Foam Mattresses?

Foam mattresses are still a very popular option, especially for people who favour their sides, although foam’s softness is not recommended for tummy sleepers. They do collect body heat and tend to ‘burn’. If you love foam, insist that yours is infused with graphite, copper, or gel, which will cool it. Or, get Latex foam, which is all-natural and organic, and naturally cooling but still not enough support for hips, shoulders, and spine health.

Quick Buying Advice

There has to be at least one ‘don’t’ here and that would be not to feel pressured just to opt for something because it appears the popular choice. This is your personal journey, so stick to it. Think of it as an investment in your health and well-being. 

Plan Ahead For An Excellent Night’s Rest

With every passing year, the latest technologies based on solid research are being incorporated into the design specifics of new beds today. Take advantage of this as you adopt the acquisition and rotation of beds in your home that provide you and your loved ones with every opportunity for restorative sleep.

High-quality double beds average between R10 000 – R 26 000, with options below or above depending on your needs and budget.x

For example, the latest Cloud Nine Chiroflex Base Set offers a high-density polyurethane foam layered mattress with a strong posture support core. With zero movement transfer, this hygienic and allergy-free option feels as comfy as it sounds. At approximately R12,000 this is an excellent choice. 

purchase Chiroflex Beds from Cloud Nine standard length mattress and basefor comfort

The Galloway Base Set from Rest Assured comes in at just under R27,000 and brings a host of features. Some of these include:

  • Advanced Pocket-on-Pocket Technology
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Viscose Elastic Blue-Gel Breathe Filling
  • Hand-nested Pocket Spring system
  • Pocketed springs that mould to the contours of your body
  • Electrically-tempered coils for extra durability
  • No sagging edges – Perimeter edge support
  • High-Density Pocket Foam Encased Spring Unit

Why not start a ‘new bed’ saving fund the moment you bring your new one home so there’s never a question of replacing the beds in your home when the time comes. Your family’s health and well-being are in your hands, or more accurately, in the beds that you provide for them to rest and recuperate in. 

The backing of scientific research shows the importance of getting a good night’s rest on the right beds, so manufacturers are taking note and crafting the perfect Goldilocks bed for you!! 

Choose Comfort, Choose Hirsch’s Furniture

When a reputable company advertises having new beds and mattresses there is every possibility that they have what you need in stock. Considering the variety of options and your individual requirements, they won’t find it difficult to meet your needs. 

Bespoke beds – who would’ve thought?  

The latest bed technology should be something you pay attention to in the interests of happier families who sleep well. Visit a Hirsch’s centre near you or visit our specials page for a quick view of the latest beds and mattresses for sale.

Stay tuned to our blog for exciting bed and furniture tips, product knowledge, and much more.