Are You Looking for Cloud Nine Beds for Sale?

If looking for Cloud Nine beds for sale is not on your to-do list, here’s why it should be: Cloud Nine is not just a subliminally smart name for a bed, rather it is high-end sleeping apparatus.

When you discover that you no longer wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you’ll be really glad you organised yourself one of the best beds available. 

Your good night’s sleep is our business, and we love that we can put you and your family on cloud nine for a long, long time. Let’s uncover a little more about the incredible range of products and the hidden tech that features in a Cloud Nine bed.

Your Quest To Find Cloud Nine Beds For Sale

First, a word of caution in your new bed search. Don’t be tempted to buy a second-hand bed, even if it has the Cloud Nine label, unless it has not been used. 

Second-hand beds can do the same to you as a poor-quality bed resulting in either backache, insomnia, and of course, the bad mood that comes with it.

Cloud Nine is a reputable brand, and if the store you choose boasts Cloud Nine beds for sale, it needs to be a reliable outlet in its own right which is sound advice for two reasons:

  1. Service excellence
  2. Delivery capability

Service excellence means you’re assured that your personal sleep needs are factored into your choice of bed. Your shopping experience, whether in-store or online, will be a pleasant one. It also means if anything untoward occurs, you have some recourse.

Delivery capability makes sense for bed purchases based on size alone (unless you have a big enough truck and live near the store). Cloud Nine is a proudly South African brand so, the store you connect with should be capable of delivering countrywide.

Sidebar: Make sure you have the bed measurements and have checked that it will fit through the doors, passages, and stairwells of your home.

Shopping Virtually For Your New Bed

Did you know that you do not have to physically visit your selected store to acquire your new bed? 

Let’s face it, any new bed feels great when you try it out on the showroom floor, but you have no idea what it’ll feel like sleeping on it for 6 – 8 hours each night. However, Cloud Nine has applied the latest sleep research and technology to craft beds that are truly masterpieces. You will be able to locate the bed online that supports you correctly, see what features in each variety, and what would be the ideal choice for you. 

This instant data makes it easier for you to make an informed choice. 

Even if you decide you need to see the product in person, you’re still going into the retail outlet with what you need to communicate to the salesperson.

However, you can simply do it from the comfort of your home on your laptop or your phone. The benefit of shopping online with a company that offers a nationwide delivery service is that you save a ton of time and confusion. You get exactly what you need after due consideration, and someone else will carry it into place for you.

Features of Cloud Nine Beds

With a trusted label such as Cloud Nine, you can expect bottom-line high-tech features as standard, whichever variation of bed you choose.

These features include:

  • Hygienic
  • 100 % Allergy-free
  • No noisy moving parts
  • Ultra-tough reinforced A-grade pine slatted base
  • Zero movement transfer between partners sharing
  • High-density Visco-Elastic Polyurethane Foam Layer
  • High density reconstituted foam posture support core
  • Luxuriously soft touch, quilted mattress top that provides ultra-soft comfort

If you are in the hospitality industry on any level, fitting out your BnB or hotel with Cloud Nine beds will go a long way to giving your guests the rest they need. 

Purchasing new beds from a reputable store will mean that you can also buy suitable mattress protectors and pillows simultaneously.

What Bed Is Right For You?

Here’s the exciting part. 

While you shop, you will see that each option will have descriptions and visuals to help you make the best choice. That means that you can consider each family member’s needs individually and order the best for your loved ones too.

  • Cloud Nine Queen (152cm) Body Flex Base and Mattress Set. This turn-free version of the Classic Cloud Nine is one of the most popular for the hospitality industry. Endorsed by the Chiropractic Association of SA, it also has SABS approval. Recommended weight per person is 90 kg.
  • Cloud Nine Queen Epic Comfort Base Set. A 5-layer High-Density Foam brainwave that supports up to 125kg per person. Tunable head to toe mattress (monthly)
  • Cloud Nine Queen Blue Eclipse Gel Base Set. Here, the mattress comprises five layers of cooling blue-gel memory foam and buoyant, high-density polyurethane, a reconstituted posture support core, an advanced ventilation system, and a micro-quilted knitted cover. Per person weight rating is 125 kg.
  • Cloud Nine Queen Chiroflex Base Set. Ensures support in any sleeping position, reducing aches and pains. Extra-firm but comfort assured, with a 160 kg per person recommendation.
  • Cloud Nine Queen Meridian Base Set. This option comes with precision-engineered airflow technology, unmatched cell-support structure, and exceptional key-hole design for hip support, weight notwithstanding.
  • Cloud Nine Queen Grande Base Set. Extra Heavy-duty Box-Top cooling Blue-Gel & HR sleeping technology, this super-bed boasts high-density Visco-Elastic, Cool Blue Gel Memo-Flex, and buoyant polyurethane reconstituted foam layers. It is suitable for weights of up to 145 kg per person.
Cloud Nine beds for sale - Meridian Base Set 152CM

Cloud Nine – Meridian Base Set 152CM

Smart Bed Technology

Since backache is one of the most common complaints doctors handle, many technologies now address sleeping in the wrong bed. Today, there are no more excuses. 

Bad bed equals bad back. A good bed assures a better back.

You know what the smart thing to do is.

Cloud Nine takes particular pride in innovation and sleep technology- not a straightforward study by any means. Manufacturing beds that are hygienic, allergy-free, and cater to different types of support is one thing. Add to this options suitable for people of different weights plus the fact that many who share a bed have different needs, and you start to see the challenges.

But Cloud Nine nailed it!  They have your back on this and your relief will be palpable.

Bliss and Your Bed

The adage ‘Cloud Nine’ denotes a state of blissful happiness. We’re sure you want some of that! 

Now that you know how and where to buy Cloud Nine beds, it is essential to remember that they all incorporate intelligent sleeping technology. Good sleep produces happy humans, happier families and happier workmates. 

Add Cloud Nine to Your Wishlist

By now, it is understood that sleep technology wins over bargain bed buying. Even if it means putting your dream Cloud Nine bed on a wishlist, do it. Let others know that you’re working towards this goal to keep your sleep and overall health the priority it should be.

With so many factors to compare, you will find the right bed for you, and then you can rest for the next decade and enjoy the sleep you deserve. 

Visit us at Hirsch’s anytime and explore our Cloud Nine range for yourself. We do deliver nationwide, and our reputation in the industry is a long and healthy one. We are only too happy to be of service to you.

Stay tuned to our blog for more informative and helpful product guides.