Choosing a TV Position for the Best Viewing Experience?

best tv position

Televisions hold a special place in today’s homes. They are often the centre of entertainment, with sporting events and movie nights playing big roles in entertaining both family and friends. We spend so much time with them, wouldn’t it make sense to spend a little time making sure the TV position is just right? Ensuring that your TV is in the right place in the room can make all the difference when it comes to watching it comfortably.

While it may be an important part of the room, you also want to make sure it fits into the décor as best as it can. This can be quite a challenge but if you want to invest in the most enjoyable viewing experience possible then keep reading. We have some tips and tricks to make sure that you get the best out of your TV.

Distance and Focus

You may be surprised to hear this but yes, there is an ideal viewing distance that you should aim for. This is based on the size of your TV and the resolution that it has. If your TV is full HD for example, you are looking at the distance being three times the vertical height of the TV – that means a 50-inch TV should be placed 1.9 meters away from your seating. A 4K screen however is best viewed at 1.5 times its vertical height.

Hisense 127cm (50") 4K UHD Smart TV

Hisense 127cm (50″) 4K UHD Smart TV

You should also decide if your television is going to be the focal point of your room, or whether something else such as a window or piece of furniture is going to take front and centre. If it is not focal, consider placing it on the adjacent wall to your focal point. Alternately you can hide your TV in a cabinet with closing doors, which makes for a quick and easy pack away when the TV is not used.

Another great living room idea when it comes to the best way to position your TV is to fit it into your décor by placing it on or in a bookcase, for example. You will be able to surround it with books and other objects, and it will start to blend into the room. Another nice idea is to incorporate it on a wall surrounded by artwork or photographs. 


The height at which you mount your TV is also of importance. For proper viewing, you need to position it at a height that you will not need to strain your neck or eye when looking at it. This is generally considered to be at eye level, and where your eyes fall naturally a third of the way down the screen. And remember that’s eye level when you are sitting down, not for someone who is standing.

While we all want the ideal placement, practicalities mean that it may need to be a little higher or lower than “the perfect height”, so find the place that is comfortable and practical. If you are working with small TVs in limited spaces, you can opt for an under-counter mount that can be flipped up and down when needed – this is great if you are fitting TVs in bedrooms or kitchens, or even in your home office. 

While it may seem like the best point in the room, try and avoid placing your TV on a mantel or above a fireplace. This will put your screen much too high up and detract from both points of focus – many people like to keep fireplaces or mantels as their focal point in rooms. 


The ideal angle to watch TV is straight on. While this may work in smaller rooms if you have a big living room or entertainment area the chances are that you will have various seating arrangements. And not all of them will be directly in front of the television, unfortunately. 

A good idea to try if this is the case is to go with a TV position that is at an angle no matter where you sit. That way there is no “best seat” in the house, and everyone should be comfortable. Avoid sharp angles if you can, as this causes a lower image quality, as well as being very uncomfortable for the viewer. 

What Makes Placement Easier

choose the right height for your tvThe above three points are the most important when it comes to TV position, but they are not the only things that play a role in finding the best spot for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few more tricks we have learnt when it comes to the TV position.

Buy to Scale

There is a common misconception about bigger is better – this is not always the case. In fact, it is very seldom the case! When you are working with interior designers, they will always tell you that you must buy furniture that is not out of scale with the room, and the same should be said for the best TVs.

While you may want it as the focal point, trying to force an excessively large TV into a smaller room will not only look out of place but can also damage your eyes.


Another thing to remember when finding the perfect TV position is that you need power. Placing your TV in the centre of the room, with the perfect viewing angle is all good and well, except if your power source is on the opposite wall! Especially if you have any extras such as DVD or Blu-ray players, any gaming or home entertainment systems then power close by is a must. 


Take into consideration where the windows are relative to where you want your screen to go. If you have a room that has big windows or glass doors, you will need to be careful of the placement of your screen to avoid glare.

Plan Ahead

Plan to fit your TV in from the very beginning, especially if you are redesigning your room. This way everything else can fit in around it and you will have fewer hassles than trying to fit the TV in after you have filled the room. 

If you are wall mounting your TV, then prepping and planning are very important, and you need to have all the right equipment with you so that you don’t risk damaging the wall of your screen. If you are buying new entertainment equipment, then try and match it to the existing décor otherwise it will become a focal point for all the wrong reasons!

Best tv viewing experience

The Best TV Position

Now that you have a few more ideas about the best TV position in your rooms, living room and throughout your home, you can start your journey to better viewing. Coordinating your TV with the rest of your décor, and you have a win-win all around.

If you have any further questions about the best place for your TV, or about different types of TVs in general, give us a call today and we will happily answer any question that you may have. 

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