Why Is Retro Design Still So Popular in Kitchens?

Why is Retro Design Still so Popular in Kitchens?

Kitchen design trends change almost frequently, but a top trend making a comeback now is retro design. Retro is making an appearance across the board in pop culture and even music. So, it makes sense that it would pop up in kitchen design too.

One of the best things about retro design in your kitchen is it is a style made to last. You won’t need to remodel your kitchen anytime soon! Taking its inspiration from older style kitchens with a modern twist makes it a timeless design with the ability to age well.

If you are thinking that retro style may be right for your kitchen, then keep reading. We will touch on some of the easiest decorating and design ideas for retro kitchens.

What Is Retro Style?

You may think about kettles and toasters from 50 years ago and wonder why on earth you would want them in your kitchen! After all, the upgraded version came out for a reason, right? 

A retro item is an imitation of a genre or feeling but in a newly designed item. Designers take something from the past that was popular for whatever reason and add a modern spin to it. This is particularly popular in kitchen appliances and furniture where you get the modern appliance with that quirky element that makes them appealing, all these years later.

Retro is a particularly popular choice with the younger generation. Where Gen X found nostalgia in items that represented mid-century modern design, so Millennials are often looking for the familiar look and feel of retro interior design. Upon moving into our own homes, many of us crave the familiar comfort of our parents’ or grandparents’ homes, and this is a nice, easy way to keep a little bit of their home with us. 

Retro vs Vintage

Retro, vintage, and antique are often confused with each other. While there are elements of similarity between the three, they are not the same.

Retro displays characteristics of the past as mentioned, but the items are not old. Household, and particularly kitchen appliances like the Smeg appliances offer a variety of products that have been branded retro. Board games such as Monopoly, record players and the widely recognized comics of Marvel and DC are also considered part of the retro style. 

Vintage has come to represent something rare, a unique and desirable item that was designed more than 20 years ago. Vintage items are made more special by the wear and tear on them. You will need to go hunting for them as they are not items found in your general everyday stores. 

An interesting note on these differences is this: a vintage item can be both vintage and retro, but a retro item cannot be vintage. This makes it slightly easier to make the definition somehow. 

Smeg 281Lt Retro Pink Refrigerator - FAB28RPK5

Smeg 281Lt Retro Pink Refrigerator – FAB28RPK5

How to Get a Retro Look

The key to the perfect retro look is not going overboard! You need to find the right balance between your retro-style interior, and a mix of other eras as well. Retro is all about the lines, the colours, and the angles. 

While it is a great way to build your personality into your home, retro can start to get a bit theatrical if you are not careful, so it is best to decide from the beginning how far you want to go with your look. Are you aiming for some feature items to add a slightly retro feel to the kitchen, or do you want to push the boundaries? Sometimes a few items are all you need to get the feel right.

One of the best features of the retro style is that it is based on mix and match. So really, if you get the look and feel of what you are going for, it doesn’t matter what items you choose to go with…unless you happen to be an art history professor who is highly bothered by small, incorrect details!

The Decade

The first step to getting started with your retro décor and interior decorating is to decide which is your era. Yes, this may seem like the simple part of the operation but trust us, it’s not as easy as it looks! Each era has similarities, and so many options it is very easy to get confused. 

It may be easier to find the items you like best, check the era, and try and merge these together. If you’re getting the look you want, it doesn’t matter whether the eras bleed into each other. After all, it’s your home and your style. 

Retro Shapes

Retro style, and especially retro style furniture, are characterised by their shapes. For example, the 20s and 30s followed the Art Nouveau style of clean, basic lines and geometric patterns. If you have decided on your decade already, try and work with these shapes. See if they complement, otherwise, you may need to mix and match a little to get the effect you want.  

Getting the best retro look and feel does not mean you have to stick with one era. You can mix your mid-century furniture with some retro appliances and throw in a modern microwave or TV for good measure! 

Colours and Textures

The colours and textures of retro interior design make it one of the most unique decorating styles. Think avocado green walls and mirrored finishes! These designs and colours tended to the overwhelming and sometimes psychedelic side, so the modern take on this is to add pops of colour around the kitchen without it feeling too much. 

If a full room of bright colours seems a bit overwhelming, you can opt for coloured cabinets or just a feature wall. Bold tiling choices are also a fun way to add a retro aspect to the kitchen, especially on the kitchen floor. Tiles are a durable choice and easy to clean which makes them a top choice with us!

Retro Furniture and Appliances 

Retro furniture and appliances are probably the most popular ways to display your choices. Many brands now offer brightly-coloured appliances such as kettles and toasters, and these offer a great long-term choice when you’re shopping for new appliances. 

Smeg Pastel Green 50's Retro Style 2 Slice Toaster - TSF01PGSA

Smeg Pastel Green 50’s Retro Style 2 Slice Toaster – TSF01PGSA

In the same vein, retro furniture is back in fashion and easy to find! This is also a simple way to change up the look and feel of your kitchen without too much work. That’s always a plus! 

Retro Design Made Easy

A home remodel should be fun, and the result should be exactly what you envisioned. Retro design is the perfect blend of old and new. And if you reign yourself in a little and don’t go crazy, you will have a kitchen that will stand the test of time. (Plus some  funky new appliances, just for fun!) Retro design is an excellent way to show off not only your personality but your home, too!

If you would like to know about getting the best retro appliances around, give us a call today and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.