Dive Into A Billion Colour World The Hisense 8K ULED TV

Dive Into A Billion Colour World The Hisence 8K ULED TV

Dive Into A Billion Colour World The Hisense 8K ULED TV. Enjoy uninterrupted 8k viewing, Quantum dot colour, Pro dimming & brightness, and Hi-view technology with the Hisense 75″ 8k ULED TV. This New offering by Hisense has left no detail unturned to create the ultimate viewing experience.

8K Resolution

Never before seen Depth and detail with perfect realism. The 8K TV delivers never before seen depth and detail, with 33 million pixels. Which is 4 times more than 4K TV, and a whole 16 times more than FHD TV. With 8000 pixels it is the highest in screen resolution which means clearer and better viewing.

8K AI Upscaler Technology- Turning Non 8K Content int0 8K content.

Using advanced deep learning algorithms, the 8K AI Upscaler can intelligently analyse the image frame by frame and adjust the pixels accurately, to produce the most exquisite 8K image possible.

But what does this mean?

This means that even if you are using a streaming service which does not stream in 8K quality that the 8K AI Upscaler will analyse the image frame and adjust the pixels to produce and 8K Image.

Hi- View Technology

With its Hi-View Engine, Hisense ULED® technology has been pushing the boundaries of picture quality. After years of development, proprietary hardware and software have been integrated to create a display experience unlike any other in its class. Hi-View Engine, Full Array Local Dimming, and Wide Color Gamut work together to bring out the best contrast, color, motion, and detail from any source.

Quantum Dot Colour

The 75” ULED displays the three primary colours – especially red and green – far more accurately than conventional LED TVs. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking colours which come alive on screen.

Pro Dimming & Brightness

Richer Blacks and Astonishing highlights edge to edge. With more than 100 local dimming zones, the brightness of each tiny object on the screen can be accurately adjusted. The precision edge-to-edge management of individual areas of pixels ensures richer and more intense blacks and astonishing and pinpoint highlights.

With a peak brightness of 1000-nit, this TV can create dazzling images with exceptional HDR effect. Brilliant highlights bring colours and details out to an unbelievable level. Witness vivid, lifelike colours and detailed shadows, as the algorithm calculates different brightness levels precisely and effortlessly.

Optimized viewing for Fast Moving Scenes

Whether you are watching tennis, ice hockey, or a car race, with 120Hz native refresh rate panel, Motion Estimation and Motion Composition and Sports Mode, you can enjoy ultra smooth motion images. The TV identifies the tiniest details and removes any noise using a dynamic algorithm tailored for moving objects. The Hisense ULED has also been enhanced for different types of games giving gamers a true in game experience like no other.

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