Paul Brown’s Must Have’s

Paul Brown's Must Have's

Paul Brown is the Managing Director of the Hirsch’s Homestore Group, here are some of Paul Brown’s Must Have’s this summer. As the chief buyer for audio visual equipment his expertise lies in all things Tv & Audio.  Paul says that he loves this time of year!  Family get togethers, catching up with friends, and also having time to watch sporting events that one may have missed during the year – on the latest TV’s from Hirsch’s. Paul has chosen two that will make the perfect gift for the family this year!!   LG’s OLED Technology as well as Samsung Neo QLED have been in great demand!

Paul Brown’s Must Have’s

Paul says that there are probably three things to consider when making the purchase of a smart TV. The built in operating system brands tend to have their own unique OS and the usability and convenience of the OS is important. Response time or speed of the TV is also important.  You need a faster response time for gaming and the viewing of fast moving images – while watching sport for example. Finally the refresh rate of the TV. A higher refresh rate, the number of times a TV refreshes the image per second, will give a better picture quality and viewing experience. Both the LG OLED and the Samsung Neo QLED fall into this category.

The technology around TV’s is very advanced and any improvements are based on response time, refresh rate and improved or intuitive operating systems. There will always be room for further development but these improvements have become less dramatic, relatively!

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