The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget Must Haves

The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget Must Haves

We have put together The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget Must Haves Guide for 2022. Learn what’s fun and new in the kitchenware gadget space with some of our favourite finds. Kitchen gadgets create a fun, quick and easy way to prep your food therefore saving you time and improving the quality and presentation of your food.

Starting Your Collection

Starting a collection can be a bit daunting however it starts with deciding on your favourite meals to cook. The best way is to start with the basics and then work from there. It is important to invest in quality tools from the start as lower quality tools tend to break faster and need replacing sooner.

Wooden spoons, Spatulas, Whisks & Tongs

Spoons, spatulas, whisks and tongs form an essential part of your kitchen these are used for cooking, baking , frying and mixing. These are one category of utensils that you would need more than one of and in every different size.  There are so many on the market suited to cater to all needs. Tongs can be used for more than braaiing they work great when frying in a pan as you can easily turn your food. They are also great for tossing salads and plating pastas.

Scales, Cups and Jugs

The next important category are your measurement tools. Cooking can be equivalent to a science as one wrong measurement can send your favourite cake sinking in or toppling over into your oven. It is then important to invest in good measuring tools. Pyrex measuring jugs are great for measuring liquids as they are made to with stand heat and last a lifetime. Measuring cups with the quantity engraved into the cup are also great as the measurements do not rub off easily. Kitchen scales will make your cooking time 100% faster as you can measure all of your ingredients into the same bowl with less mess and more time.

Colanders and Sieves

Another essential are colanders and sieves. A colander allows your to strain foods such as pasta, potatoes or any boiled food. These often sit in your sink with safety handles for the heat. They are also great for rinsing off prepped vegetables and rice. Sieves are used to sift flours, sugar and other baking ingredients. They aerate the flour creating a soft and fluffy cake also removing any impurities in the flour. They are also great for dusting icing sugar or cocoa onto cakes.

Cutting boards and knife sets

Cutting boards and knifes form an integral part of food preparation. If your board is bad and knife isn’t sharp it can really interfere with your cooking and quality of food. Wooden boards should only be used to slice breads and vegetables. Never cut meat on a wooden board as the blood can seep into the board and breed bacteria. Glass or plastic boards are perfect for all types of foods and are extremely easy to store and clean. A sharp knife can significantly cut down prepping time as you can effortlessly chop and dice your vegetables. A good quality knife set can last you for many many years and do not rust or blunter easily.

Choppers, Mandolines and peelers

Slice, dice and Julienne with a Mandoline, these are wonderful for making homemade stir fried vegetables , homemade fries, veggie chips and so much more. They were designed to make food prep easier. Choppers are great for an easy no fuss chop, they are perfect for chopping onions as they eliminate those dreadful tears. Peelers are a kitchen must have as they allow one to safely peel and clean vegetables. They are also fantastic for decorating meals and slicing carrots and cucumbers into thin strips for salads or sushi rolls.

Have some fun shopping our range of kitchen gadgets. Continue reading our blog for more exciting recipes, news, events and more.