Naturally Better With Defy

Believe in Naturally Better With Defy. Defy’s advanced range of cooling appliances provide the ideal environment for fresh produce for your family. Keep things cool all year round, with a wide choice of refrigerators.

Defy Naturelight

The Defy Naturelight fridge technology uses three effective colours of light in contrast to traditional lighting. These include blue, green and red mimicking the natural 24-hour sun cycle. Thus creating the perfect harmony for your fresh produce.

The name ‘Naturelight‘ is inspired by nature. It therefore mimics how vegetables react naturally to light in nature. In a quest to help consumers live healthier lifestyles defy has created the perfect environment to therefore keep your fresh food fresh for longer.

The Defy Naturelight helps to eliminate the amount of unused fruits and vegetables. This also promotes a strong nutritional value in your fresh produce as it preserves vitamins for longer. Therefore cutting down fresh food waste in your household and giving you the best nutrition.

Periodic and homogenous application of the optimum combination of blue, green, and red lights and darkness. Simulate the daylight cycle in the crisper. So thus by simulating best spectrum in natural daylight cycle. Vitamin content in fruits and vegetables are preserved undoubtedly as in nature.

Naturally Better With Defy


The Defy Nature light is paired with some other great features these include.

  • Naturelight Technology – A+ Energy Rated
  • Dual Cooling No Frost Technology
  • Water Dispenser
  • Net Volume: 348Lt
  • Fridge Net Volume: 233Lt
  • Freezer Net Volume: 115Lt
  • Integrated Handle
  • LED Illumination
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Unpacked Dimensions: (HxWxD) 1850 x 600 x 650
  • Packed Dimensions: (HxWxD) 1890 x 640 x 730


For more information on Naturelight Technology click the video below.

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