Top Home Entertainment Systems For the Modern Family

Top Home Entertainment Systems For the Modern Family

Did you know that home entertainment systems could save your marriage and keep your family together? 

No kidding. Remember how lockdown demonstrated the unique bonding and care that shared experience fosters? Your provision for a home sound system and the latest in HD monitors, qualify as bonding time! Who woulda thought?

New York psychologist John Northman explains: ‘It’s well known that when people feel better connected… they feel better physically, they’re certainly less likely to feel depressed — or if they do, they’re in a better position to get out of being depressed. Overall, it leads to a feeling of a greater degree of support and connection psychologically.’

We don’t think you’ll struggle to get family support for your plan to set up your own home entertainment system with awesome audio and all the accessories. It’s usually the one who has to fork out the bucks (yes, you) who needs convincing.

How Your Home Theatre Can Save You Money

But what if we also told you that setting up an entertainment system will also save you boatloads of money? Aha, that piqued your curiosity, for sure! We know what you care about.

Whatever the initial outlay for home theatre systems, they pay for themselves and some. We’re talking about setting up something that will save you on movie and sports match tickets for all time to come. You will never look back.

Let’s start at the very beginning to get an idea of what you’re looking at. To be sure, selecting the right entertainment system and accessories for your home and circumstances requires care and consideration.

If you’re not a DIY kinda person, and you start feeling daunted, fear not, industry pros can set it all up for you. If you are, follow here for ideas on how to gather your specs and read on for your visual and audio components and accessories.

What Is a Home Entertainment System?

What Is a Home Entertainment System?

We’re not talking TVs and Hi-Fi sets. Today’s entertainment systems bring the whole movie theatre experience right into your home. 

Home theatre is a spectacular fusion of design and technology. With enhanced high definition, full surround sound audio equipment, extra large and even panoramic monitors, all you need to do is throw in some homemade popcorn, ‘et voilà’, your home theatre system is born.

Well-chosen monitors will bring everything you watch to life. The audio system speakers you choose will add to the experience. Together with the relevant accessories, they supply the driving bass of an action movie, the tension of a thriller, and the beauty of nature just as they always did so powerfully in the movie theatre environment. 

The Basics

Now you can show you care and bring that power home. Here is what you’ll need:

  • A monitor (current bargains and options to be revealed under the relevant heading below)
  • Speakers (the number depends on your audio accessories and the speaker layout)
  • Connection cables and speaker wiring (you can skip unnecessary wiring and go wireless!)
  • A sound meter – everyone loves powerful audio speakers but this item is strongly advisable if you care about the hearing of your special people

Many homes dedicate a specific room in their home for an entertainment system. Whether or not that is possible for you need not deter your efforts to set up a custom-built home theatre with the monitor, audio speakers, and accessories that are best for you. 

Before you despatch the family to their chores so you can head out shopping, why not call reliable home entertainments stockists. They can run through your checklist with you and you’ll have gained a friend in an exacting industry. 

Meantime, let’s put some sound matters in the spotlight and talk about the speakers you need for your audio.

Which Audio System Is Best for Your Home System?

Fortunately, options for audio speakers cater for a small budget up to the max. In other words, you can begin with the basics and build your way up to an amazing home sound system with big-ticket enhancements.

Another thing on your side with home audio systems is wireless surround sound systems. You do not want to risk messing with your fine-tuned settings when someone accidentally yanks at the wiring draped all over the lounge floor. 

Let’s take it away from the bottom to the top so you can put a feasible budget together to establish the right products and prices for your home theatre system:

Samsung Wireless 2 CH Soundbar – some will say ‘a soundbar does not a home cinema make’. Ignore that. This unsung hero in the speaker category delivers a world of sound without a box full of remotes – you need only one remote in the line of accessories here. The powerful but compact sound experience with booming bass and a built-in woofer operates off a single remote.

R1,499.99Credit from R143 per month Discovery Miles – 1500 UCount Rewards – 1500

LG Sound Tower 1200W – no problem defining these speakers as a great example of surround sound, and home theatre quality. It boasts dual built-in subwoofers, Bluetooth music streaming capacity, and TV sound sync.

R6,699.99Credit from R636 per month Discovery Miles – 67 000 UCount Rewards – 67 000
LG Sound Tower 1200W - LHD687

LG Sound Tower 1200W – LHD687

JBL 5.1Ch Deep Base Soundbar – surround on this system delivers the ultimate home cinematic experience. Built-in Chromecast and Airplay 2 lets you stream and manage online content, and Bluetooth means your streamed music will sound great, too. JBL has powered the world’s movie theatres for more than 75 years.

R10,999.99Credit from R1043 per month Discovery Miles – 110 000 UCount Rewards – 110 000
JBL 5.1Ch Deep Base Soundbar

JBL 5.1Ch Deep Base Soundbar

Monitors -The Window to Your World of Entertainment

Screens today have varying high definition statuses, such as; Ultra HD 4K, Direct LED, Edge LED, and OLED. Smart screens should give you compatible TV apps and Mobile connectivity. Care to see what we recommend for your wish list?

Samsung 81cm (32″) Smart Monitor with Smart TV Apps and PC on Screen comes in at about R 5 699.99. Known as the world’s first do-it-all screen, this is a perfect monitor to start with.

Samsung 81cm (32") Smart Monitor With Smart TV Apps and PC on Screen - LS32AM500NAXXA

Samsung 81cm (32″) Smart Monitor With Smart TV Apps and PC on Screen – LS32AM500NAXXA

Samsung 81cm (32″) UHD Smart Monitor with Mobile Connectivity and Smart TV Apps at R6 999.99 you will ensure satisfying entertainment at home.

Samsung 124cm (49″) Odyssey Neo G9 Monitor with Quantum Mini-LED at around R32 899.99, delivers the ultimate home theatre experience with world-class performance and spellbinding high definition.

Entertainment System Accessories

Accessories are not optional extras. Not any more. Products, ranging from remotes and wireless headphones to game consoles, complete your home theatre setup with the bells and whistles to drive it with ease. Gaming consoles broaden your entertainment options and the kids will love that you care.

Among your essential accessories will be first and foremost, a surge protector to take care of your prize entertainment equipment. Add to that the HDMI cables and the regular A/V (Audio Visual) gear.

Your monitor or TV stand falls under this heading too. A wall attachment can work but the larger your screen, care must be taken on a more sturdy base. 

Whenever you can, go for wireless accessories. Wireless equipment can tend to be less robust than regular wiring, but there are digital products that are perfectly sufficient and don’t even require line-of-sight to function.

How Do You Set Up a Home Entertainment System?

Congratulations if you are going the DIY route. Don’t feel intimidated if you need to know exactly how to build a sound system at home. 

You can increase your chances of success by going for an all-in-one entertainment system. Either way though, good old ‘wikiHow’ will take you through the steps on how to build your own home theatre sound system.

Home Theatre Systems Specials

No better place to launch your home entertainment initiative than getting your components on special. Here is what we found for you:

Specials on monitors and sound systems run continually. Every saving counts, so do the whole project using specials from a reputable dealer who delivers great after-sales service. 

Hisense 3.1Ch Soundbar – follow the link to watch a short YouTube video. 

Samsung Dolby Atmos Sound Bar – offers perfect harmony with elevated sound from every direction, Q Soundbar, and TV. 

(Check our specials page for great deals.)

The Power of Your Home Entertainment System

The power of your home entertainment equipment is more than the output of the speakers you choose. Creating an authentic movie experience with your own home theatre systems will keep you and your loved ones safer, healthier, and happier.

With so many options you might well be spoiled for choice, but the main thing now is that you have all the encouragement you need to set up a top-notch, wireless home theatre system. You’ll have demonstrated that you care when you can transport your family to the familiar movie experience they love.

It doesn’t have to be a major or expensive system. A basic audio/video system can do the job nicely and with a little imagination and creativity, you can even transform your home into a pleasant oasis that is ideal for your entertainment system.

Call industry professionals at Hirsch, who care enough to ensure you’re getting the right TV for your family’s needs and who deliver nationwide to your door.