All The Greens Smoothie Bowl

All The Greens Smoothie Bowl

This All The Greens Smoothie Bowl is what smoothie bowl dreams are made of. Made using the wonderful NutriBullet you get the smoothest and most delicious smoothie every time. We love this recipe from Nutribullet. Top the nutrient-rich green smoothie base with nuts, seeds, granola, or fresh fruit of your choice.

Ingredients for the All The Greens Smoothie Bowl

  • 2 cup Spinach
  • 1 cup Kale – or chard
  • 1/2  An Avocado
  • 80g Banana, frozen
  • 250ml Almond Milk, unsweetened
  • 3 tbsp Cashew Butter, plain w/o added salt
  • Granola, chopped almonds, raspberries, Kiwi and chia seeds as toppings


  • Add ingredients in the order listed to your NutriBullet and blend until smooth.
  • Top with granola, chopped almonds, raspberries, Kiwi and chia seeds as toppings or any other toppings of your choice.
  • Enjoy!

Nutritional information

Serving in this recipe: 1

Calories: 447.8
Total Fat: 29.9 g 46%
Saturated Fat: 5.1 g 25.4%
Cholesterol: 0 mg 0%
Sodium: 239.7 mg 10%
Total Carbs: 42.9 g 14.3%
Dietary Fiber: 10.6 g 42.4%
Sugar: 14.5 g
Protein: 11.3 g 22.6%
Vitamin A: 21.9% Vitamin C: 79.3%
Calcium: 56.9% Iron: 26.8%

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