Defy’s Energy Save Appliances

Defy’s Energy Save Appliances

As we make our way to a greener future, it’s time to say goodbye to the energy-heavy appliances of yesteryear. Future-proof your living space with Defy’s Energy Save Appliances.

Defy’s Energy Save Appliances

As we make our way into a greener and more energy-efficient future. It can often feel like our dated appliances and household instalments simply can’t keep up with the shift.

Pair this with the increasing costs of electricity. Many households find themselves running at a loss with energy-heavy appliances taking a toll on their electricity bill.

Here is one easy step to a long-term, greener reality – invest in energy-efficient appliances. 

This is where industry giant Defy steps in with their range of energy-efficient appliances. Defy aims to help you take initial steps when investing in your home’s energy footprint. The range is carefully designed following the South African Department of Energy’s programme. Which looks at driving energy-efficient appliances that are compliant with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS). This compliance offers top graded appliances that provide you with the best energy-smart solutions for your home.

Focusing on these three key household needs will help you know exactly which appliances to consider switching out:

Food Storage

Traditional refrigeration appliances like classic chest freezers take a big bite out of the overall energy use around your house. This is as they need to be powered up 24/7. Defy’s energy-efficient range can be a saving grace. For example, the Defy 254lt Solar Hybrid Chest Freezer uses the energy of the sun to help keep it powered seamlessly. All this whilst saving you on extra electric costs and loadshedding power cuts. The new Full Solar Hybrid range, launching July 2022, will have four units available in different sizes. This therefore will allow you to choose the one that best suits your food storage and energy needs.


Another household essential is the washing machine. This appliance is used multiple times a week in most households. With standard models you can end up raising your electricity bill with daily use. Defy steps in again with their SteamCureWashing Machine range. This range comes in 3 different sizes (8kg, 10kg, and 12kg machines). All which are A+++ energy efficiency rated to cater to your needs. Defy’s innovative SteamCure™ technology uses steam to lift dirt with ease. Soften creases to save you on ironing, and hygienically clean garments while saving you water and energy. The smart use of steam also helps to cut your cycle times down for quicker loads.


Similarly, an appliance many don’t always consider as energy-heavy, is the dishwasher. While dishwashers don’t necessarily use as much energy as other appliances, they can still become a burden on your water and electric bills with each cycle. Investing in a more energy-smart dishwasher, like Defy’s A++ rated CornerWash™ Dishwasher, you’re able to save over 30% more on electricity than a standard B rated appliance. The CornerWash™ dishwasher allows you to further cut your electric costs through its half-load wash settings. Dirt sensors also work out just how much water and electricity would be required to clean your dish loads.

When trying to future-proof your home, you needn’t completely take it apart and build it up from scratch. By gradually swapping out your more energy-heavy appliances for A+ rated appliances over time, and taking steps to be more energy and water conscious, you will save financially in the long run and have a more positive environmental impact. Always consider the cost to run versus the cost to buy to reduce your monthly electricity bill, all while building a greener future.

To start your journey, explore Defy’s Energy Save Appliances and see how you can start saving on your electric bills and your environmental footprint today. Stay tuned to our blog for exciting recipes, networking sessions, product knowledge and much more