A Guide to the Best Smartphone in South Africa by Features

A Guide to the Best Smartphone in South Africa by Features

If you have not entered the world of the smartphone (you know, because you have been living under a rock) then you will need some guidance about the best smartphone in South Africa. Or maybe you are smartphone inclined, and looking for the good, better, best of technology.

Remember the days of the Nokia 3310? You may have thought way back then that this was the be-all and end-all of the phone world, and you would never need another phone again in your life. Or maybe you are still hiding your old Nokia under the table so that your friends don’t see it – after all, we know the battery life would allow for this, all these years later! 

Smartphones are more than just a phone. They are more than the latest gadget that you thought you didn’t need. They are a diary, a PA, a computer, and a camera. And this is just the beginning. So how do you know that you have the best phone for your needs?

If you are wondering about this, then keep reading. We are going to take a look at some features and brands that make smartphones the sought after accessory today, and why we rely on them so much. 

Lekker for Locals

Saffas love a good selfie as much as the next person. Possibly more than some, given our beautiful sights and countryside. But with the various budget restraints across the country, you may be wondering which is the best smartphone in South Africa? 

Samsung is coming out as a clear winner, showing a record-breaking 47% of South Africans choosing them in 2021. Huawei came in second, with Apple recording sales less than three times lower than the mighty Samsung in popularity. Who’d have thought?

Samsung has phones that are affordable no matter what your budget may be, which may explain this substantial gap. Huawei was gaining in popularity for this same reason. However, since they are no longer Google compatible they have lost a fair amount of popularity, although they are still far more popular than iPhones among South Africans. 

Price vs Popularity

While Apple and the iPhone may offer better specs than the cheaper Samsungs such as the Galaxy A range, the price often tends to outweigh the operations in countries such as SA. And Samsung does offer something for everyone, with the latest offerings coming through at the same time as the less expensive options – and all are user friendly and efficient no matter what you need. 

Top 5 Smartphones of 2020

Popularity is such a personal choice, but at the same time, the numbers don’t lie. But because each year newer and better models come out, and every so often a new brand tries to conquer the market it is almost impossible to look further than just a couple of years ago.

So which was the most popular phone in the world for 2020? The best way to look at this is to divide the top phones by their best features.

  1. The best smartphone overall goes to the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 
  2. The Huawei Mate 40 Pro with Sony sensors and Leica technology won the best camera
  3. The middle of the range was taken by the Poco X3 NFC, Xiaomi asserting its place in the smartphone world
  4. The most affordable 5G phone of 2020 was the OnePlus Nord
  5. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G was voted the best up and coming choice 
Samsung Cloud Lavender S20FE - SM-G780FLVDAFA

Samsung Cloud Lavender S20FE – SM-G780FLVDAFA

Although this may seem like a fair range of brands, Samsung came in with a top choice in every category in which it did not win. This proves that Samsung is not only a competitive force in South Africa. 

Smartphones of the World

As we mentioned before, smartphones have become far more than just “a phone”. The least that we do on these devices (for most users) is make a phone call. The world is a very unsettled place at the moment, and even in all the uncertainty, a new assortment of phones has managed to make it onto the market.

The top models in the world in the last year are as follows:

  1. iPhone 13
  2. Galaxy S21
  3. Pixel 6
  4. Galaxy z flip 3
  5. OnePlus 9
  6. Huawei P50 Pro

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

Apple remains at the top of its game across the world, with the features of the iPhone remaining unrivalled. Their cameras and software are the best of the best, and the only reason it lacks in popularity in countries like SA is because of its price tag. 

Samsung Selling Clever

Samsung is a firm favourite and will remain this way for years to come (barring some grave marketing error or huge fail on their part). The Galaxy S21 Ultra has some formidable hardware and software options, and its camera offers studio-quality images. The Galaxy Z Flip also took us back in time with a comfortable old school design paired with modern technology – a clever marketing strategy by Samsung. 

Samsung ZFlip 3 5G Lavender - SM-F711BLVEAFA

Samsung ZFlip 3 5G Lavender – SM-F711BLVEAFA

Google This Gem

Google has entered the market with the Pixel, which while it may not have the traction of the Apple or Samsung brands at present is a pure Android phone. Not known for its camera capabilities in the past, Google now makes use of AI technology to improve data in its raw form. It is packed full of top of the line features and only loses out on the popularity side because it is largely unknown in the smartphone world, a fact that will soon fall away if Google continues to make such competitive phones at lower prices. 

Newbies From OnePlus

Another newbie on the smartphone scene was the OnePlus 9.  Popular in the US where the brand is slightly better than other versions in other countries, this little handset offered a powerful camera with a rare-in-smartphones 2-megapixel monochrome option. Unfortunately its mid-range price tag and general lack of “being known” worked against it for now but it will be a brand to look out for in the future to be sure.

Huawei to the End

The last notable phone for 2020 was the Huawei P50 Pro. Due to its loss of Android running systems, many people who swore by their Huawei’s have moved back or on to different brands. Huawei was always known for its camera capabilities and user-friendly interfaces that combined all the best qualities of Apple and Samsung. The HarmonyOS technology may stand the test of time and shoot Huawei back into a popular position, but for now many may feel that not even a state of the art camera can make up for the lack of Google enables apps. 

The Best Smartphone in South Africa

Smartphones are strange and wonderful things, with so many options to choose from no matter what your wishes, requirements or budget. While the best smartphone in South Africa is far more about the cost than the features, we have seen that there is a great variety at your disposal. 

If you are unsure of where to start, give us a call or pop into a store near you and chat with our friendly sales team. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and guide you in your smartphone journey.