The Philips Eco Conscious Collection: Zero Waste, Zero Guilt

Philips recently introduced the world’s first breakfast set its Eco-Conscious Collection, made with 100% bio-based plastics from used cooking oil. ​The used plant oil is safely collected and transported by the company to a factory that specialises in processing waste products into bio-based plastic granules.

These granules are then used by Philips Home Appliances to manufacture the latest Eco-Conscious collection. This manufacturing process is aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions, water pollution, and the overall use of natural resources – all of which help to protect the environment. The result developed is a range of everyday kitchen appliances made from sustainable materials with recyclable parts.

Philps Eco-Conscious collection aims to put an end to plastic usage by introducing this breakfast range made from 100% bio-based material. The company uses oil as a resource to create bio-based plastics. With this breakthrough innovation, Philips aims to avoid plastics made from fossil fuels and instead rely on what they already have. By using the bio-based plastic in the Eco-Conscious Breakfast Collection, Philips Home Appliances is contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by nearly 21%.

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Made for any home

With its modern and minimalistic design, sustainability has never looked so stylish. Philips’ nature-inspired range uses calm colours and natural materials and finishes that will look great in any kitchen.
Philips Eco Conscious Collection

Recycled materials

Believe it or not, Philips convert used cooking oil and other plant waste into Bio-based plastics*. The speckles on the product are little imperfections created by this process. How cool is that!
Philips Eco Conscious Collection

Built to last, for everyday use

Philips not only produce sustainably, but they also produce to last. All their products are carefully manufactured with recyclable and durable material. Built to last.
 Philips Eco Conscious Collection

Made to perform

Make every morning fast and efficient. Save time and limit your waste in the kitchen with the Philips Eco Conscious collection.
Philips Eco Conscious Collection

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