Kitchen Tools & Appliances Every Home Cook Needs

We all love them. We all have them. But most importantly, they make cooking chores a pleasure!

Kitchen Tools & Fun Small Appliances give bundles of character to the average kitchen. They are the little helpers in the background – there to make your life a lot easier and happier. Whether it’s the amazing new Vortex Clear Cook DUAL Airfryer from Instant Pot that brings versatility and convenience to modern cooking, a simple pair of kitchen herb scissors or even a blowtorch to help add finishing touches to a meal, Hirsch’s has them all. We’ve chosen a selection of Kitchen Tools & Appliances every home chef needs for you to choose from to make your time in the kitchen less stressful. 

Kenwood Blend & Heat Blender

Create everything from soups to smoothies with the innovative and versatile Blend & Heat Blender, perfect for mixing, blending, and cooking. Heat water up to 80-85°C by blending for 7 minutes and use the 6 programs to create snacks and meals in seconds. Shop Now


Legend Asia Chef 7 Piece Set

This product is made using 201 Stainless Steel and has a Copper exterior coating, giving the cookware a stylish finish. This cookware is suitable for all hobs including induction and the tempered glass lids allow you to monitor the cooking process. Shop Now

Kenwood Titanium Chef Patissier XL

Designed for the home baker that demands more from their mixer, the Titanium Chef Patissier XL is a cut above the rest. Imagine a mixer in which you can prove dough and melt ingredients in the bowl, with built-in weighing scales, a touchscreen with intuitive preset functions, two bowls, in-bowl illumination and an easy one-handed head lift. With this Chef, you have it all! Shop Now

Smeg La Pavoni Espresso Coffee Machine

The iconic style of this coffee machine cannot be overstated. It has everything you’ll find on a regular espresso machine, but the surprise comes when you pull the handle. So professional and fun. Best of all it makes the most divine coffee. Easy to clean too! Shop Now 

Jamie Oliver Digital Kitchen Scale & Jamie Oliver Blowtorch

Designed to deliver accurate measurements, Jamie Oliver’s digital kitchen scale has a high-precision strain gauge sensor system to ensure a perfect measuring experience every time you use it & The Jamie Oliver blowtorch adds a touch of class to your meringues or any other dish that needs a blush of gold. The easy-to-refill blowtorch is safe to use and has an adjustable flame size.

Ken Hom 31cm Excellence Carbon Steel Wok

One way to really spice up your veggies is to stir fry them – and it’s amazing how sweet and delicious that mingling of flavours can be when cooked in the wok. Shop Now 

The Tescoma Frying Pan With 4 Dimples

The ideal frying pan to make the perfect batch of fried eggs or flapjacks. Shop Now 

OXO Kitchen & Herb Scissors 

Who doesn’t need a really great pair of kitchen & herb scissors? The OXO scissors are not only super comfortable to use but they’re strong & durable too. Shop Now 

Instant Pot Vortex 5.7L Airfryer

The Instant Vortex incorporates Instant Pot’s famous smart program technology to deliver the best results every time. The sleek design takes up minimal countertop space and its intelligent touch screen and dial controls make it a pleasure to use. It comes with a cleverly designed single airfry basket with a removable cooking tray which ensures that clean-up is quick and easy. Shop Now 

Smeg Slate Grey Kettle & Toaster

Add a touch of class to your kitchen with this fabulous pair of Smeg Slate Grey Kettle & Toaster. Shop Now 

Pyrex 500ml Measuring Jug

One of the handiest kitchen accessories around! You’ll keep this Pyrex Measuring Jug for decades to come! Shop Now 

With the Oxo Good Grips 1L Fat Separator Pouring Jug, making a delicious gravy has never been easier! The strainer filters even the tiniest bits and the fat will rise to the top and removing the stopper ensures that the cooking liquids are saved while the fat is left behind. Shop Now 

Remember to grab your kitchen essentials here. Stay tuned to our blog for exciting recipes, networking sessions, product knowledge and much more.