The Best Mini-Fridge For a Home Bar – And Other Spaces

The Best Mini-Fridge For a Home Bar - And Other Spaces

If drinking a lot of alcohol makes you an alcoholic, does drinking a lot of Fanta make you fantastic? We’ll just leave that there. 

So what’s your poison? Do you enjoy cool drinks, cocktails, or a good old beer? Actually, what you like isn’t the point, what does matter is that you have a place to keep your drinks cool.

If you’re looking for the best mini-fridge, this article will help you figure out which one to choose. And then, you can have all the fun stocking your mini bar fridge and emptying it again! 

Is It Worth Buying a Mini-Fridge?

So, is it worth buying a mini-fridge? Yes, because they’re cool. Dad jokes aside, a mini-fridge is more than just a luxury purchase or a nice-to-have. Do you need some examples of where mini-fridges make life better?

Here are a few spaces that you can improve with a mini-fridge:

  • Your home bar
  • The garage
  • Student accommodations or dorm rooms
  • A man-cave
  • Any lounge area
  • Even your children’s nursery 

If you still need some convincing reasons why a mini-fridge would be a worthwhile investment, there are a few good ones. 

For example, if you frequently throw big parties, a dedicated snacks and beverages fridge means your visitors stay by the bar and out of your kitchen. When it comes to having a baby or little ones, you can keep essentials right there in the nursery for easy access.

Likewise, having a mini-fridge at work, means you have control over your own stuff. Plus it’s a pretty handy thing for meetings with clients. Additionally, convenient access to refreshments is essential to keep you performing at your best if you work on a project site. 

Or, if you’re a university student, nourishment is an essential, not a luxury. 

South Africa and Mini-Fridges

When it comes to mini-fridges in South Africa, you might be concerned about powering them when there’s no electricity. 

So, what size inverter works for a mini-fridge? You’ll first need to work out the wattage of your fridge because the inverter will need to be five times that amount.

Fridges don’t draw a lot of power continuously, however, they need a good kick to start. So, the inverter needs enough power to provide the initial surge on start-up and the juice to keep it running.

As long as it rests on a hard, flat surface, you can put a fridge almost anywhere you like and it will still do its job. Unless you stand it in the centre of a tarred car park in the full sun, then it might have some trouble.

The Best Mini-Fridge

Let’s look a bit closer at four of the spaces you can transform with a mini-fridge. Below are suggestions on the features to look out for along with a suitable example for each one.

For a Home Bar

No doubt you’ve spent a lot of time getting your entertainment space to look exactly the way you want, so the best mini-fridge for a home bar should complement your decor. Whether it’s a smart under-counter cooler for your wine, or a mini-fridge for beer bottles, the best mini-fridge for a home bar is the one that will fit the space and look good doing it! 

If you like to stock wine, but don’t have a cellar, then take a look at this Snomaster Wine Cooler.

It has a classy black cabinet design with a tempered glass door. Its brilliant features include:

  • A digital thermostat and temperature indicator
  • Dual temperature so your white wines stay cooler than your reds
  • Interior lighting
  • A reversible glass door

Now, remember, food is for the kitchen. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a strictly drinks-only policy on your home bar fridge. 

For the Office

There are a lot of good reasons to have your own mini-fridge at work. Perhaps you have a physically demanding outdoor type of job. Or, maybe you work in a high-pressure corporate environment. Either way, indulging in a little something refreshing won’t harm your productivity.

So, if you want a small desk mini-fridge, this Snomaster Countertop Beverage Cooler is a real win. It’s just big enough for a couple of after-work drinks, or to keep a stock of cool hydration for your clients. 

Snomaster 68Lt Counter Top Beverage Cooler - SC-70R

Snomaster 68Lt Counter Top Beverage Cooler – SC-70R

For Dry Ageing Meat

Going with a mini-fridge for dry ageing meat is an excellent choice! Beverage fridges are well suited to curing meat at home because they have all the right features such as:

  • Transparent doors for viewing
  • Easily adjustable, constant temperature settings 
  • A visible thermostat
  • Removable and customisable shelving

You could consider something such as the Liebherr Beverage Cooler. It’s small but with a decent 148-litre capacity and forced air cooling. An important factor here is its stainless steel housing which is constructed with hygiene in mind. 

Additionally, it has a precise external digital temperature display coupled with an integrated alarm. And, it’s lockable!   

Liebherr Beverage Cooler - FKUV1663

Liebherr Beverage Cooler – FKUV1663

For a Dorm

So, you need something politely sized for a dorm room, but still spacious enough for a hungry (and thirsty) student. 

The best mini-fridge with a freezer for a dorm will be compact, spacious, and quiet. According to the internet, the Hisense 91-litre Bar Fridge is perfect for student life and it has outstanding reviews. Plus, you can buy this fridge online at an attractively low price point. 

Last but not least, it has a reversible door. So, you have greater possibilities for making it work in a cramped space. 

Hisense 91L Bar Fridge - H125RWH

Hisense 91L Bar Fridge – H125RWH

The Mini-Fridge = Giant Benefits

There’s no doubt that mini-fridges are a huge convenience in so many spaces. Like the cherry on your mai tai, topping off the best small fridge perks is this: they’re easy to buy because they’re little.

So, do you want to know where to get a mini-fridge? Go to Hirsch’s website, click add to cart, buy your mini-fridge online, and save petrol by getting it delivered right to your door.