Why a Gas Stove with an Electric Oven is the Best of Both Worlds

Why a Gas Stove with Electric Oven is the Best of Both Worlds

One of the most popular options on the market today, a gas stove with electric oven combines the best of both when it comes to cooking. 

If you’re doing your homework to decide if this is the right cooking combo for you and your family, then you’re probably considering costs, energy usage, safety and a host of other factors. 

We’re looking at some key reasons why a gas stove with an electric oven might be the best choice you can make in your next home kitchen renovation.

Convection Cooking

Loadshedding – right? This not-so-lekker South African problem doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and is likely to plague us for some time to come. One of the first casualties when the lights go out is whatever we have cooking in the oven. And while many of us have a little generator on stand-by, it probably won’t power an energy-hungry oven. 

This fact alone may be enough to push you to choose a gas oven, but there is more to consider. 

Gas ovens tend to heat up faster, but electric ovens tend to cook faster overall. They also distribute heat more efficiently, especially in a fan-assisted oven, which allows the hot, dry air to circulate evenly throughout.

An electric oven offers dry heat, which is perfect for crisping and baking, as opposed to a gas oven which offers a gentler, more moisture-rich environment. Depending on your cooking style and food choices, you may prefer the fact that electric ovens retain heat very well – perfect for finishing up rusks or crispy chips when the oven is off. 

One battle that the electric oven can’t win, though, is the fact that gas ovens are cheaper to run. 

Gas Stovetop Cooking

Gas stovetops are fast becoming one of the preferred kitchen appliances in SA. (Again with the loadshedding!) Aside from their always-on advantage, gas cooking offers super-fast heating and precise temperature control – just what you need when you’re searing that juicy steak to perfection! 

As we’ve seen, gas prices are more affordable than electricity right now, so a gas stove is both convenient and money-saving. 

However, some people are still a little nervous about cooking on an open flame and have some safety concerns about gas cookers. While we must always be careful, today’s gas stoves come with smart safety features, making it unlikely that you’ll suffer from any fire-related kitchen disasters. More on that in a minute.

Dual-Fuel Design

Something that we haven’t yet mentioned, which is a key factor for many kitchens, is the space issue. A gas/electric combo is a real space saver with a range of design choices to suit everyone. Let’s look at a few.

​​Beko 60cm Anthracite Multifunction Gas on Glass Stove

The all-in-one combo stove from Beko is an excellent example of stoves done right. Sleek and pretty with a clear glass oven door, this multifunction appliance offers some unexpected advantages:

  • High-efficiency gas burners to cook even faster
  • Automatic gas cut-off safety feature
  • 3 standard gas burners plus a wok burner
  • Integrated ignition
  • Cast iron plate support
  • Class A energy-efficient oven
  • Steam cleaning oven function
  • Fan-assisted oven
Beko 60cm Anthracite Multifunction Gas on Glass Stove - FVM81430DA

Beko 60cm Anthracite Multifunction Gas on Glass Stove

AEG 90cm Silver Gas/Electric Stove

Moving up the range to bigger stoves with more functionality, we have the stunning AEG gas/electric combo. Built for the bigger family, this beautifully designed appliance has tons to offer.

  • Heat-activated catalytic cleaning: The oven’s top, back, and sides are coated with catalytic surfaces that absorb grease from cooking. 
  • The auto-stop anti-tip chrome shelves allow baking and wire shelves to be pulled out completely while gliding smoothly.
  • Fully programmable timer
  • 10 cooking functions
  • Designed to keep heat inside the oven, ISOFRONT® double-glazed doors have several layers of glass and a heat reflective coating.
  • Gas hob with cast iron pan supports
  • Rear right zone: Semi-rapid burner
  • Automatic gas cut off if the flame fails
AEG 90cm Silver Gas/Electric Stove - 10369MN-MN

AEG 90cm Silver Gas/Electric Stove

Choosing a Gas Stove with Electric Oven Combo

A gas stove with an electric oven really is the best of both worlds because it gives you the benefits of each cooking appliance; gas stoves heat up and cook fast and efficiently, and electric ovens cook evenly and quickly. With a gas stove and electric oven, you can have your cake and eat it too! 

If you enjoy cooking with an open flame but also like to bake homemade pies, this may be the best choice for you. It’s also a good option if you want to save money by using the less expensive gas option but still need a traditional oven when necessary. 

Whatever you need, you can be sure that your nearest Hirsch’s store has it. Take a look at our special offers and our range of gas/electric stoves for more information.