Best Types of Deep Freezer for Your Needs

Best Types of Deep Freezer for Your Needs

The forebears of today’s home refrigeration appliances only boasted a tiny freezer compartment tucked up in the right-hand corner. Owners triumphantly offered ice made in metal ice trays in the freezer compartments. (Which could hold four to six such trays at best!) Not near enough ice for a dinner party, right? Enter today’s many and varied types of deep freezer.

Where Did it All Start?

According to Wikipedia, ‘the icebox was invented by an American farmer and cabinetmaker named Thomas Moore in 1802. Moore used the icebox to transport butter from his home to the Georgetown markets, which allowed him to sell firm, brick butter instead of soft, melted tubs like his fellow vendors at the time.’

Fast forward to the variety and efficacy of today’s home freezers. Together we’ll explore the most popular range of freezers, from chest freezers to upright ones, confident that there’ll be something just right for you.

Why Should You Get a Deep Freezer?

Long story short, a deep freeze at home will save you money and time. Whatever types of freezers there are, being able to buy food on special to store in the freezer at home reduces your need to be at the shops – and yes, we know all about the temptation to spend money on spontaneous purchases!

Deep freezers are a must if you have a family. Those unexpected visitors your teens forgot to tell you were coming over are no reason to panic because you can haul something out of the freezer. No need to worry about unexpected entertaining with an endless supply of ice cubes, frozen pizza, and ice cream from the stash in your deep freezer.

There is no end of information on how to freeze fresh seasonal foods, which will see you through the other seasons. It’s like having summer all year round.

Top Icy Tip: Easiest, fastest homemade ice cream – whip one can of condensed milk into 500 ml thick cream till its forms stiff peaks. Flavour with a dessertspoon of warm spices such as All Spice, Cardamom, and organic Ground Tumeric (keeps your guests guessing.) Serve within the hour of putting your ice cream into the deep freeze. We kid you not.

If you live out of town, you’re likely to need an upright freezer for the kitchen while you run a chest type of deep freeze in the garage. Garage freezers are opened less frequently than an upright freezer in the kitchen. That translates into being able to freeze things for longer periods.

Types of Freezers – Chest vs Upright 

The first domestic deep freeze appliances were the box or chest style with a hinged lid opening at the top. Due to the necessity of reaching deep into a freezer to retrieve food, the moniker ‘deep freeze’ was coined. While chest freezers have been joined by the elegant, modern upright type of freezer, they are in no way redundant.

Chest Freezers

Still popular in many homes and businesses, the chest-type freezer has its own niche. Remember to look for the energy rating status on whatever you intend to purchase. 

  • The Defy 146L White CF185 Chest Freezer is a small wonder with chill-in technology and is still a favourite for small families and as an extra in the garage. 
  • A Defy 386L Eco White Chest Freezer is the big daddy in the range. You’re looking at chill-in technology that offers a unique fast-feeze function. Its aluminium interior and lighting system mean you don’t freeze your finger off digging blindly into the freezer’s depths. Roller wheels make it a synch to move, and its marble-patterned top is durable and attractive.
  • The top-of-the-range Defy Solar Hybrid Chest Freezer with a solar panel has to be the ultimate in chest freezers. It works off solar during the daytime, prioritizes solar energy, and runs off-grid when there is no sunshine. (No inverters or batteries are needed.)
  • K.I.C. make a stunning 207L chest freezer that is reasonably priced and available in White, Black, and modern Metallic finishes.
K.I.C 207l Chest Freezer Metalic - KCG 210/2 ME

K.I.C 207l Chest Freezer Metalic – KCG 210/2 ME

Freestanding,  Integrated and Bespoke Upright Freezers 

Here’s how to blend technology with glamour and practicality. 

  • Beko’s 220L Integrated Upright Freezer is designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen décor. With A+ energy efficiency, an open door alarm, fast freeze ability, reversible doors, and an LED control panel display, this perfect home appliance can be yours without breaking the bank.
  • Grundig’s 275L Upright Freezer with a 5-year guarantee is very popular. Its energy rating is the ideal A+++. With Anti-bacterial Odour Filtering, Eco Mode, and No Frost capability, the reversible doors in attractive pearl steel, you can’t go wrong purchasing this model. With some luck, you may find it still on special at Hirshes! 
  • Samsung’s Bespoke One Door Upright Freezer will blow you away. In white, stunning Satin Skyblue, you also have a choice of three patterns: a soft velvet Satin Glass, a high gloss Clean Glass, and a warm-looking Cotta Metal with various door colour options, including grey. You get to customise and design the interior to your specs. A Slim Ice Maker is built into the freezer door, which gives you valuable extra storage by freeing up space in the freezer. But it can still store plenty of ice, and its transparent compartment lets you see how much is left.
  • Liebherr’s 483L Frost Free Upright Freezer is a highly efficient, visually appealing stainless steel kitchen appliance. Liebherr’s NoFrost technology provides outstanding freezing performance for professional-standard, long-term freshness. The stylishly contoured design makes this state-of-the-art freezer the number one choice if you are looking for impeccable design-tech specifications. 
Liebherr 483L Frost Free Freezer - GGV5060

Liebherr 483L Frost Free Freezer – GGV5060

The Swingline doors are ergonomically designed, easy to clean, and easy to open, thanks to the full-length integrated grip handle.

A Deep Freeze = The Perfect Partner

Just as you would not elect to partner with someone you hardly know, your deep freeze and you will need sensible pairing for the best relationship going forward. You can see that you are spoiled for choice, so there is no excuse for purchasing anything less than the ideal freezer.

Hot Tip for Freezers: To make the most of saving time in the kitchen, whenever you prepare a meal, prepare double the amount and freeze that for another meal later in the month.

Once you’ve explored the many and varied types of deep freezers and made an educated decision about what’s best in your case, you will never look back. Instead, you will wonder how you managed without one before. 

If, on the other hand, you are a seasoned deep freeze owner, don’t battle on with an old make. Today, we have the choice of  various types of deep freezer; no doubt it will be an energy-sufficient, self-defrosting marvel that saves you time and money. Keep an eye on our amazing promotions here.