Top tips to get you through Black Friday 2022

Top tips to get you through Black Friday 2022

We have the ultimate top tips to get you through Black Friday 2022. This buyers guide will help you navigate effortlessly through Black Friday therefore saving you time and money. Black Friday falls on the 25th of November this year so it is important to start planning early.

Do you get an anxiety attack every time you think about navigating through the chaos to get that perfect item on special that you’ve been anxiously waiting for all year?

We’ve got you covered with these top tips on how to navigate through the Black Friday rush

  1. Create your wishlist –Make sure you purchase what is on your list as this helps to prevent impulsive purchases.
  2. Monitor prices – Plan early and Check prices from previous months to ensure you truly are getting a ‘bargain’, your pocket will thank you later.
  3. Subscribe or follow retailers –
    They usually send out hints as to the items that will be going on special.
  4. Phone a Friend –
    Run through your list with a friend to confirm all these items are ‘needs,’ and cross-check your research.
  5. Trading hours –
    Double-check trading hours as many retailers extend their hours. Always be early as the later you leave it, the smaller the variety you will have to choose from.
  6. Fuel up –
    Make sure you have had enough rest the night before and carry liquids to energize you throughout the busy day.
  7. Comfort first –
    Do your feet a favour and wear comfortable shoes.
  8. Know your return policy- It’s better to be over-prepared than under!
  9. Beat the crowds- Shop online and beat the crowds.
  10. Have a back-up Plan- Make sure you have a second option on hand just in case you miss out on your first choice products sell out fast and it is good to be prepared instead of making an impulse decision.

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