Hirsch’s Takes Korea With Samsung

The Hirsch’s team recently went to Korea to view Samsung’s latest innovations for 2023 and see how their electronics fit within the South African context. Samsung has long established themselves as a purpose driven company. Additionally, they create innovations that move people to achieve the impossible through human-centered designs that defy barriers and forge a better way of living. The relationship between Hirsch’s and Samsung is solidified on the shared importance of being purpose and people driven. The Hirsch’s have built their reputation on impeccable customer service and being leaders in the appliance and technology industry in South Africa. Providing South African’s with the best and latest innovations, brands like Samsung has to offer.

Samsung Display Store Inspiration Tour.

The Hirsch’s team trip included visiting the display stores which showcased the out-of-the-box displays of various Samsung appliances and devices. Sales are driven by these store displays which upgrades the in-store experience for the consumer. Customers interact with the products, educate themselves on the specs and visualize the products with a creative perspective concurrently creating a memorable buying experience. These displays allow the technology to come to the forefront and speak for itself. Curating a unique retail space is especially beneficial for Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator range. The Bespoke Range is fully customizable in terms of colour, materials and configuration to suit your kitchen and lifestyle. Your preference and unique taste for your home is what truly makes it Bespoke.

The Hirsch’s Legacy Recognition Award.

Samsung honored Mr. and Mrs. Hirsch with the Legacy Recognition Award.  Awarded to them in recognition for being trailblazers and their long standing contribution to the Consumer Electronics industry in South Africa. We are proud and know Hirsch’s will grow from strength to strength and continue to lead the Consumer Electronics Industry.


Samsung’s Digital City In Korea.

This is one of Samsung’s many campuses where the world’s brightest minds gather to work and produce next-generation innovations. Inside is Samsung’s Innovation museum which showcases the evolution of the electronics industry globally. Furthermore, the museum displays many original devices from past 270 years. Inside is the Sound Lab where sounds are created and tested. The Sound Lab tests and creates refrigerator functionality sounds and Samsung’s virtual assistant ‘Bixby’s’ voice is tested amongst other things. The Digital City pays homage to the history of the company and is the birthplace of many more developments yet to be conceptualized.

We look forward to the expansion of Hirsch’s and Samsung South Africa’s long standing relationship. Proudly providing South Africans with premium technology and world star customer service!