Lamb Koftas with a yogurt sauce 

The Love At First Bite couple, Kumseela and Koobeshen, was in the ELBA kitchen at Hirsch’s Homestore’s Superstore branch recently, and it was all about giving the audience some fun ideas on how to put together some delectable festive snacks for the Festive Season – with love at first bite. Kumseela and Koobeshen, together with Ramola Makan from Elba gave the audience a crash course on how to whip up some delicious festive bites, Here is the recipe for the Lamb Koftas with a yogurt sauce;


Lamb Koftas with a yogurt sauce 

500grams  mince

1 chopped onion

1 cup chopped herb ( dhania and mint )

2 tbsp crushed chilli

Oil to fry


Yogurt dressing 

125 grams plain yogurt

Salt & pepper ,

lemon juice to flavor



Mix the lamb mince with rest of ingredients.

Form into little ping pong sized balls.

Fry on a gentle heat.



Combine ingredients together.

Use as a dipping sauce.

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