Smeg’s FAB28: An icon of stylish creativity.

The “iconic” FAB28 by Smeg, a true icon of contemporary design that redefined the refrigerator and turned it into a decorative object from a utilitarian appliance, is once more refreshing its concept by incorporating a number of cutting-edge technology capabilities.


FAB28 has become a symbol of fashionable creativity.

Discover its numerous variations, such as collaborations with Dolce & Gabbana, Coca-Cola & Disney’s Mickey Mouse along with a choice of 15 lovely colours, including the brand new Taupe and Ruby Red. It’s no surprise that FAB28 has appeared in several commercials, worldwide location shoots, and on social media. Today, it is most likely one of the most well-known kitchen gadgets in the world.

Little has changed on the surface, but FAB28 contains a plethora of fantastic creative features.

Chilling is improved by including the Multiflow technology, which distributes the temperature more uniformly in the main compartment and the fruit and vegetable drawer, reducing energy loss. We’ve also incorporated a 0°C compartment, which is ideal for keeping meat and seafood fresh.

The anti-ice back panel prevents ice formation, completing the set of upgrades to the FAB28’s refrigerating features.


With led lights positioned on both inside sides to see in every part of the fridge without increasing its energy usage, access to food is made easier. Because of this and other technical factors, the FAB28 refrigerator is classified as A +++, the most efficient energy class.

Further improvements have been made, such as upgrading the door hinges, which are now smaller, making the fridge even more appealing.

Because of these new features, the FAB28 fridge has cemented its position as the ideal combination of technology and design, reaffirming Smeg’s commitment to continual innovation and improvement and establishing the Smeg brand as a global reference point for Made in Italy.

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