This is such an exciting time of year for varsity and college students!  Either they are starting out in their first year of study or they are well seasoned digs dwellers.  Whether they’re moving into a digs with other students – or braving it out on their own and they’ll all need those absolute must haves to see them through their studying years! Bar fridges are an absolute must have for a smaller digs, depending on what they mix in it, the Nutribullet will give them a quick and easy nutritional boost and the soda stream will help them cut back on the cost of buying soda water on a regular basis!

Hisense have got a great special on their 92 L, semi defrost Metallic and White  bar fridges. They’re compact, have an A+ energy rating and would fit neatly into any setting. Don’t forget to buy a surge plug with the fridge – for those power outages.

Hirsch’s has a variety of fabulous Nutribullet’s in stock and they are all designed for “life on the go, ideal for back to varsity.” They are ideal products for students to whip up a quick breakfast shake – or a soup on cold days.  The cordless Nutribullet would be perfect for the health conscious student – it’s light and easy to carry around.


Adding sparkle to their lives is the fantastic Sodastream!  Either the black or white.  Extra screw fit bottles are also available at Hirsch’s.

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