10 Top-Tips On Maintaining Your Dishwasher!

Dishwashers have been in existence since 1886!  They were invented by an extremely clever woman, Josephine Cochran. She was an American socialite who entertained a lot and wanted something that could wash dishes a lot faster than her home helpers – and without breaking them.

Dishwashers have become an absolute essential in most homes around the world. When it comes to saving water with each dishwasher cycle, every little action you take counts. Not only will the below tips help to reduce your water bill, but they will also ensure your dishwasher lives on for longer – and keeps your dishes as clean as a whistle!


Dishwasher top-tips!

Although dishwashers are mostly self-cleaning, some care is still required if you are to ensure that your machine is in tip-top condition. We asked our appliance service expert, Lallie Maharaj who heads up Hirsch Service, about tips and advice on how to keep our washers safe and sound!

  1. Ensure that all dishes are cleared of excess food before loading.
  2. Load the baskets correctly. This is very important for the best results.
  3. Inspect & clean the spray arms regularly. Use a toothpick to clear the holes which tend to get blocked over time.
  4. Clean the outside with a soft cloth and a mild detergent. For steel surfaces, use an appropriate steel cleaner
  5. To get rid of mildew, use equal parts of vinegar and water to wipe around the edges of the door and especially on rubber seals.
  6. Because modern dishwashers use so little water, we suggest using detergents recommended by the manufacturer. Note that tablets are not effective when using quick washes.
  7. For best results and to extend the life of your dishwasher, it is important to descale. If you are in a hard water area, the use of dishwasher salt is recommended – but still, descale at least once a year
  8. Check and clean the filter regularly
  9. Use the dishwasher regularly or else water in the sump can give off an unpleasant odor. To refresh, select a hot wash, 65 degrees or higher. About half-hour into the cycle, carefully open the door and add 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and two cups of vinegar – complete the cycle.
  10. Leave the door ajar when not in use

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