The Ultimate Guide to choosing a Siemens Hob

Choosing the perfect hob to suit your kitchen and family’s needs is not an easy feat. Hirsch’s is here to help you with ‘The Ultimate Guide to choosing a Siemens Hob’. Varying from Gas, ceramic and induction ceramic, you can now make an informed decision for your home.  

Which hob is best for me?

There are several things to consider when buying a new hob. Depending on what you value for your lifestyle. Factors such as the type of heating system, the size, surfaces, energy efficiency, and a range of innovative features to choose from. This guide will help you to make the right choices for your home. The most affordable option is the standard electrical hobs which are also available in more stylish ceramic versions. Electrical induction hobs offer a similarly impressive look with fast and efficient heating, while gas hobs provide the best cooking performance all around in addition to being load-shedding friendly. This ultimate guide to choosing a Siemens hob will equip you with the know how!

What is a gas hob?

A gas hob creates heat by igniting gas. It provides all the advantages of cooking over an open flame. Siemens gives you the ideal way to do it with a range of ceramic, tempered glass, or stainless-steel gas hobs.

What is a ceramic hob?

A ceramic hob is a type of electrical hob. It has a distinct smooth, even surface and cooking zones. They heat up much faster than conventional hobs and are much easier to clean. Multiple power levels give you precise control over cooking zone temperatures.


What is an induction hob?

In an induction hob, coils beneath the surface heat a pan or pot by electrical rather than thermal induction. Induction hobs generate instant heat only where needed and cool immediately, making them more energy-efficient than ceramic and electric hobs, and safer too.

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