Why Coffee Lovers Buy a Nespresso Machine

Coffee is life. Whether you are a business person, a stay-at-home parent, or the most unicorn of all the “work from home” parents, you understand the magic of caffeine. And you have probably asked the question “should I buy a Nespresso machine?”.

Your first thought about Nespresso machines in South Africa is probably “yikes, I’m not spending that on a coffee machine”. But cost it against popping to your favourite barista once a day (we know it’s more but no judgment) and you may change your tune!

So grab yourself a hot cuppa of your choice and settle in as we look into this little investment. You won’t be sorry you stayed.

Is It Worth the Hype?

As one of the top-marketed coffee machines around, the Nespresso machine has a lot going for it. They require minimum input when it comes to coffee-making skills, and you still get a delicious cup of coffee at the end. 

Like all things in life (and especially in appliances) there are pros and cons to investing in this nifty gadget. Here are a few to consider.

Pro: Each Cup Is the Same

For the coffee snobs out there the fact that each cup is the same is shudder-inducing. There is no artisanal craft involved in popping a pod into a machine. For the rest, you delight in the fact that you have a constantly good cup of coffee every time you use your Nespresso machine. 

And before you ask, yes Nespresso coffee is good. This leads us to your next pro.

Pro: The Taste

There is a large variety of tastes in the Nespresso range. So yes, you may not be customising each cup for a different flavour but you will get consistently tasty coffee. 

Whether you are a light coffee person or the “dark like my soul” enthusiast, there is a pod for you. Another perk is you don’t have to buy an entire bag of one flavour or taste, you can mix and match your pods. And because of individual packaging, the coffee has a longer shelf life. 

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

We’re under no illusion that no home appliance is perfect. There is no getting around the fact that Nespresso machines can be a little pricy compared to your bottle of instant coffee. And of course, the more add-ons you get, the pricier they become.

The simplest and cheapest machines are also limited to making espresso only. So if this is not your drink of choice, then you will be disappointed. The pods can add up if you drink a lot of coffee. Even if the taste justifies the cost, it is not a cheap choice, especially if you require 12 cups a day to function!

Environmentally aware people must also consider that the pods can become a problem if not disposed of properly. However, because they are made of aluminum, they can be recycled, and don’t forget that Nespresso pods can be dropped off at your nearest collection point. They will then be disposed of correctly. 

Which Nespresso is the Best?

Now that you have had a few pressing questions answered, it’s on to the next vital matter: which Nespresso is the best to buy? There are several options on the market, so you may start to feel a little overwhelmed without a clear direction.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top options around. This should give you a place to start hunting for that perfect morning coffee.

Nespresso VertuoPlus

This foolproof machine makes both espresso and coffees such as gran lungo, alto, or mug. While it only takes a Vertuo pod and does not come with a milk frother, its features, design, and price tag make it easy to use and accessible for most. 

A nifty feature is the water tank is moveable so it can be accommodated in any counter space. The lid is opened and closed with a lever, and as it is one of the more affordable models in the range you can combine it with a milk frother on the side if you are that way inclined. 

Nespresso Vertuo Pop

Bursting in a range of six vibrant colours, from Spicy Red to Pacific Blue, Vertuo Pop makes a bold statement to match your style. With four cup sizes, from Espressos to Mugs, simply choose your Nespresso capsule, pop it in, and you’re away at the touch of a button.

One convenient machine for four cup sizes Espresso (40ml), Double Espresso (80ml), Gran Lungo (150ml), Mug (230ml). Each capsule delivers the finest roast and ground coffee sealed in a single-serve portion for optimal freshness.

Vertuo Next

If you are the gadget king (or queen) then this is the model for you. This treasure makes both coffee and espresso and is Bluetooth compatible. It may not have a frother, but it is made from recycled materials with a slim design.

It is top of the line when it comes to smart appliances, so if ordering your coffee machine to make a cuppa with your phone tickles your fancy then what are you waiting for? Go shopping!

Nespresso Vertuo Next Red Bundle - 90009310

Nespresso Vertuo Next Red Bundle – 90009310

What to Look For

Depending on your needs there is a Nespresso machine out there for you. But to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, you need to know which Nespresso machine to buy to suit your needs. So ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Espresso only or other coffee as well?
  • Is a milk frother a vital addition?
  • Is cost a factor?
  • Do you want an easy caffeine fix or are you prepared to work a little for your buzz?

Buy a Nespresso Machine

If you plan to buy a Nespresso machine, you may see that it is not a simple task. But it is well worth taking time to research for an exceptional cup of coffee. Keep an eye out for the Nespresso machine promo if you’re concerned about price tags, and you won’t be disappointed.

If you have any questions about Nespresso machines, pop into your nearest Hirsch’s store today and speak to our friendly team.