Heritage Day Guide With Hirsch’s

Heritage Day is a time to celebrate the rich mosaic of South African culture, and Hirsch’s is here to help you make the most of it. From traditional cuisine to braai essentials, kitchen gadgets, and home entertainment to catch all the bokke action. At Hirsch’s, we believe in the importance of Heritage Day and the role it plays in preserving the unique cultures and traditions of our country. This Heritage Day Guide with Hirsch’s will make you the host with the most!

Embrace Traditional South African Cuisine

One of the best ways to celebrate Heritage Day is through food. South Africa boasts a rich culinary heritage, and there’s no better time to explore it than on this special day. From braai-vleis with pap to bunny chows and koeksisters, sharing your culture with friends family is always a good idea. Pop over to your nearest Hirsch’s store to find the latest cooking and baking aids and gadgets that will make cooking traditional dishes a breeze. Our wide selection of kitchenware will help you whip up delicious meals that pay homage to South African culture.


Host A Braai Day

Heritage Day is often referred to as “Braai Day”. Firing up the grill and cooking meat over an open flame is a time-honored tradition. Hirsch’s has a fantastic range of braai equipment, from top-quality grills, essential accessories and even a Braai Bible! Invite friends and family over for gorgeous drinks and flame-grilled food, and create unforgettable memories as you enjoy delicious food and great company.


Catch all the World Cup Action

Heritage Day is also an opportunity to celebrate the incredible musical and artistic talent that South Africa has to offer. Discover local music, dance, and storytelling through our selection of audio and visual equipment. Host a mini concert in your backyard, watch a South African film, or simply groove to your favorite local tunes.

Have a Happy Heritage Day Mzansi!

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