Buyer's Guide

Exploring the Comfort and Convenience of Electric Blankets

If you had to ask me what I really love about winter. I would tell you – its my electric blanket!! ~ Margaret Hirsch

Some people worry about the concept of the electric blanket, but I can tell you that I have slept on one literally from April to November every year for the past 30 years – I absolutely love my electric blanket.
They are all fitted with fantastic safety features and in my 45 years of selling them I have never personally encountered anything but people raving about them.

They come in all sizes: single ,double, queen, king and king extra length and the new ones are really super as they are either fitted or tie down, but I have the fitted one. It fits over our mattress protector but under our sheet and has three settings – warm, medium and hot and we can adjust it to the desired temperature. If you have a husband, as I do, who often doesn’t want it to be on the same temperature that you like, never fear as most of the double, queen and king sizes have two controls – so this keeps everyone is happy.

Some electric blankets are fleecy lined for extra comfort, but the plain ones are fine for me.  I switch  it on when I go for my bath and by the time I am out, the bed is super cozy and I stay warm all night.  

Absolutely brilliant!!

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