Easy Microwave Milk Tart Pudding

Easy Microwave Milk Tart Pudding Such an easy, yummy and economical dessert to make. It’s so simple to make and the best part is the fact that it is kid-proof as well. Serves 6 – 8 Ingredients Milk Tart…


Cumin-Flavoured Lamb Steaks 

Cumin-Flavoured Lamb Steaks Cumin may not be a spice normally associated with lamb, however Cumin-Flavoured Lamb Steaks is a really tasty addition. Together with its sister spice, coriander, and the chilli, this recipe is right up my street with…

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Spicy Garden Couscous

Spicy Garden Couscous Vegetables and a carbohydrate all-in-one meal, or serve as an accompaniment to a braai, or with roast chicken, lamb, or beef. Serves 6 Ingredients Spicy Garden Couscous: 250 ml dried couscous 750 ml vegetable stock or…

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Pink Berry Smoothie

Pink Berry Smoothie Pink berry smoothie, for the gals and the guys,  fresh flavours combine to give you a super boost. Serves 2 Ingredients Pink Berry Smoothie: 125 ml cranberry juice 125 ml pomegranate juice 250 ml frozen berries…


Butternut Soup

Butternut Soup Butternut soup is always a winner. Experiment with this. Take out the packet soup and sweet chilli sauce and add 2 – 3 Granny Smith apples, peeled and chopped, an onion and a little curry powder. It…


Curried Butternut Soup

With Winter creeping in a hearty curried butternut soup is a perfect warm-up. Soups are the ideal way to stay warm and still get in the nutrients you need.  Make this curried butternut soup in bulk and separate them…


Salmon Soup

Salmon Soup Salmon soup, one of our favorites especially when winter starts to settle in. Spicey, rich flavours come together to create this pot of delicious dish. Serves 6 – 8 Ingredients: Salmon Soup – 3 salmon heads, cleaned and…


Quick Mexican Tomato-Tortilla Soup

Quick Mexican Tomato-Tortilla Soup Cooking is an adventure try this Quick Mexican Tomato-Tortilla Soup, how much more fun to explore with somebody who is special in your life? This soup allows you to do just this. Serves 4 –…

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A Marvelous Mother’s Day Breakfast

Make your mother feel special with this Marvelous Mother’s Day Breakfast. This Eric Lanlard recipe is a fantastic early morning treat to start the day with. This will make sure your mom starts and ends the day with a…

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Bosch’s Latest Technology Innovations For Their Appliances

Bosch’s Latest Technology Innovations For Their Appliances Bosch’s latest technology innovations for their appliances have been tailor-made by you! Your wishes, dreams, desires have been considered to create the ultimate luxurious and innovative appliances that ensure your life is…