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Crispy Calamari

This is a lekker Hot Crispy Calamari, from @chef_nti’s cookbook. A starter, side or a main meal make it with AEG and Hirsch’s Homestore. Crispy Calamari – Serves 4 Ingredients: 400g Calamari rings 1 1/2 Cups buttermilk Oil for deep…

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Banana Spice

Banana, spice, and everything nice! Made with almond milk, banana, date, almond butter, and cinnamon, this tantalising blend is sure to be a new favourite. Banana Spice recipe Ingredients: 1 Banana 1 Date, pitted  1 1/2 Cups Almond Milk,…

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Chakalaka Mayo Sauce

Aeg and Hirsch’s Homestore bring you a delicious Chakalaka Mayo Sauce recipe from @chef_nti‘s cookbook. This velvety sauce is guaranteed to have your Sunday lunch guests licking their plates and begging for more! Chakalaka Mayo Sauce Recipe Ingredients: Oil…

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Cucumber Mint Cooler

We are officially into Autumn perfect time for a cucumber mint cooler. Although the weather is cooling, there are still some hot days here and there. Introducing the Cucumber Mint Cooler, the ideal beverage to combat a hot Autumn…

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Green Tea Macarons

These Delicious Green Tea MACARONS will have everyone GREEN with envy over your baking skills! Green Tea Macarons Recipe Makes : 30 sandwiched cookies Prep Time : 30 min. Bake Time : 8 min. Ingredients 250g powdered sugar sifted…

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Self-isolation Means Family Time

Self-isolation can get boring when you are stuck at home. Constantly thinking of creative ideas to entertain yourself, cabin fever sets in. For the older working-class facing Self- isolation, relaxing is the first thing on their mind. As well…


Healthy Living

It is time to start healthy living with LG. With the ongoing environmental challenges that bring more germs, allergens and bacteria. With consumers becoming more concerned about their hygiene and health, LG continuous to develop new solutions to enable…

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The Start Of a Revolution With Gas Stoves

Going off the grid has never been so easy. Gas Stoves are the Kitchen Hero’s in many South African kitchens. Facing things as inconvenient as load shedding. It puts huge pressure on Consumers to cook at night, as well…


KitchenAid – Green Smoothie

This vibrant KitchenAid green smoothie is a way to reset your body and prepare for a healthier you! Ingredients ¾ cup (150 gr) frozen mango 1 small bunch of parsley 10 basil leaves  2 mint sprigs ½ lemon, juiced …


Smeg Germ-Busting Hand Sanitizer at Hirsch’s

Germ-Busting Hand Sanitizer, Some good news! It’s quick and easy to make your own germ-busting hand sanitizer at home. Even better, all it takes is 3 ingredients and a few seconds to whip up this recipe using your blender!…