Liebherr Biofresh Technology

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Hirsch’s has the best selected brands. Liebherr has specialized in manufacturing high quality, innovative fridges and freezers for 70 years. From the start of product design, continuing through development of production and marketing, Liebherr has their focus on manufacturing innovative products with high quality along with timeless and elegant design. Liebherr is constantly implementing new ideas as well as improving products to ensure optimum food storage and quality.

With Liebherr you are assured of quality and that your fridge or freezer will perform 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Liebherr test all components at every stage of development to ensure reliable functionality for many years. Before any Liebherr door hinge finds its way into production, they will have to successfully pass through at least 100,00 opening cycles, which accumulates up to 15 years of use. All other components undergo similar quality testing.

Liebherr quality fresh food storage is called Biofresh technology.

Liebherr Biofresh technology is designed to preserve food for longer periods of time. A Biofresh Compartment, with a controlled temperature at just over 0 °C and at the ideal humidity level, food can retain its nutritional value for far longer than in a normal fridge compartment. Which results in having more time to use grown or purchased products, in turn creating much less food wastage.


Benefits of Liebherr Biofresh technology

  • Saving finances – Fresh food lasts longer, which allows more days for consumption. This eradicates the turfing of foods, and essentially wasting money. Including less unnecessary trips to the grocery store.
  • More time to yourself – you can shop less frequently, with your food lasting longer with a longer expiry date. You will have time to do more things that you enjoy.
  • Peace of mind – less trips to the shop will create less petrol usage and less fossil fuels which is safer for the environment. By decreasing our personal carbon footprint, we can have peace of mind.
  • Improving your health – Studies have proven that keeping fresh foods in the Liebherr Biofresh compartment will help foods to retain more valuable vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial to your well- being.
  • Satisfaction for your taste buds – Besides all the health benefits, the longer the food stays fresh the fuller the flavor.


“Your Day starts ends with a fridge”, why not a Liebherr?


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