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Clementine Honeyed Salmon

Clementine Honeyed Salmon

This fresh Clementine Honeyed Salmon recipe from “A Taste Of Hirsch’s cookbook” ticks all of the boxes. It is flavoursome, fresh and healthy. Clementines or naartjies, are super-sweet when in season. Mixed together with honey and fish, they are…

Paprika & Cream Calamari

Mouthwatering Paprika and Cream Calamari

This is the most delicious way we’ve ever had calamari. Serve this Paprika and Cream Calamari dish with rice or (our favourite) on garlic bread. Ingredients 30 ml of olive oil 250 g calamari tubes and tentacles, cleaned and…

Family, Liebherr, Biofresh

Liebherr Biofresh Technology

Hirsch’s has the best selected brands. Liebherr has specialized in manufacturing high quality, innovative fridges and freezers for 70 years. From the start of product design, continuing through development of production and marketing, Liebherr has their focus on manufacturing…