Solenco Multi-Stage Air Purifiers

Solenco Multi-Stage Air Purifiers

Solenco Multi-Stage Air Purifiers

Air feeling a bit tight lately? Most of us can agree that the quality of air that we breathe is deteriorating rapidly. This is due to factory emissions, chemicals in the air and airborne diseases. Luckily Solenco Multi-Stage Air Purifiers have the solution for you. With their innovative Swiss design these units offer an extremely high air filtration efficiency. Therefore, giving you a constant flow of clean fresh air in your home.

Built In Pre-Filter

The Solenco Air Purifiers offer a Pre- Filter which removes large airborne particles. These particles such as ash, pollen, dust and aerosols and can contribute to allergies and other ailments. The Filter removes the first phase of large particles so that the H13 HEPA filter can target the smaller particles. Thus allowing the purifier to rapidly clean the air.

H13 HEPA Filter

The powerful H13 HEPA Filter Captures 99.975% of harmful particles. These include dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores. The filter also traps bacteria and viruses down to 0.1 micron in size. Which removes virus particles from the air in your home. This aids in ceasing the spread of colds as flu among your family and pneumonia causing viruses and bacteria’s.

UV-C Lamp & Photocatalyst

These filters work with the UV-C Lamp and Photocatalyst. The UV-C Lamp and Photocatalyst is powerful air purification technology that has the (PCO) ability to destroy particles, bacteria and viruses a small as 0.001 microns. As researchers uncover new viruses and bacteria daily it is important to consider a solution for your family and the air they breathe.

Activated Carbon Filter

Chemical pollution and Gases such as carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide from factories increase the risk of respiratory tract infections and illness. Because of its Activated Carbon Filterthe solenco air purifier removes volatile organic compounds, odours and other gaseous pollutants from the air. Consequently, limiting the amount of these particles and gases present in the air you breathe.

Consider the Solenco Air Purifiers as your air purification solution today and shop here.

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